May the 4th be with you!Today, May 4, is national (international, really) Star Wars day, and in that light we truly do hope the force is with you. Whether you consider yourself a Trekkie, an enthusiast, an uber fan, or just an amused voyeur, we urge you to spend the day vaping it out and watching all of your favorite Star Wars films. So, here are our top 10 ideas for enjoying the day to its maximum power, with your vape in hand!

1. Gather with friends for a living room view-a-thon and vape-a-thon! Not that this should even be a suggestion, but there is no better way to spend it! House party + Star Wars + vape pens; it’s a lovely equation.

2. Get way into the spirit and don your favorite costume. Darth Vader mask? Princess Leia buns? Chewbacca suit? Bonus points for dusting off your storm trooper suit!

3. Scope out some local Star Wars themed events, there’s got to be something cool going on!

4. Create some edible magic inspired by Star Wars favorites like a watermelon death star or a cheddar cheese R2D2!

5. Play as many Jedi mind tricks as you can muster up the mental strength to handle!

6. Trivia anyone? Gather your posse for a few rounds of it. Armed with your vape gear, you’re sure to win!

7. Serious Trekkies take their cosplay seriously, so if you’re down for some solid, dramatic, creative entertainment, get to it!

8. Hit up social media! Considering this holiday has a lot to owe to social media and the international online community of Star Wars fans, regale the day on all of your platforms! You won’t be the only one!

9. Raid the online Star Wars merchandise sales that are going on today only!

10. Walk around with your lightsabre in one hand, vape pen in the other all day long, while you talk to random strangers about the force. Because why not?

What once was just a pun, evolved into a #hashtag, has now become an official unofficial serious, international holiday. This May 4th, may the 4th be with you!