This month, we’re shining the spotlight on our awesome contest-winning vape juice: Orange Strapple! It’s all about fresh, fruity flavor this time around and we cannot wait for you all to experience this delicious vape juice.

VaporFi Customers Are the Bomb!

Our loyal customers know what’s up. Being neck-deep in the lifestyle, they are at the front lines, experiencing flavor and trying different things all the time. When you guys tell us about a particular flavor that is lighting up your lives at the moment, we take your word for it, and more times than not, you come up with some really really awesome vape flavors. Hence why having vape juice creation contests makes perfect sense!

Case in point: this ridiculously fine flavor! Orange Strapple is so good it’s crazy! Imagine taking in the sunset, temperatures are warm and breezy, there’s some soft, relaxing music in the background, and you’ve got the most delicious flavor in your hand with this fruity vape. All is right in the world. That’s the feeling behind Orange Strapple and it’s a mighty fine one; at once, relaxing and rejuvenating!

Orange Strapple Vape Juice
Enjoy Orange Strapple and the flavors of orange, strawberry, and apple!

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The Taste of Orange Strapple Vape Juice

This flavor pairs three phenomenal tastes that really make magic when expertly blended and vaped. If you’re into fruity vapor, well, this is an absolute must. It’s refreshing, sweet, and wildly mind-blowing; the perfect all day vape if you want something that keeps it cool and fresh. It’s not overly sweet, it’s not a candy-taste, it’s a true-to-form fruit vape, and it’s pretty unreal from the first inhale all the way through the final exhale. Additionally, there’s an incredible aroma to add to the experience, as well!

Orange Strapple is a smooth combo of tastes that blends tangy, sweet, crisp, and fresh. Orange Crush vape juice sets the scene with its strong, citrusy base. This is the ultimate in revitalizing flavor! The tangy-bright taste of Strawberrylicious comes in next, adding a contrasting yet complementary aspect to the juice. Finishing things up, and closing out the taste of this vapor is the flavor of Juicy Red Apple, which adds a fresh, clean note that is both sweet and juicy. While some flavors linger on the end of the vape, this one doesn’t.

VaporFi E-Juice Bottle Options 30ml or 60ml bottles.
VaporFi E-Juice Bottle Options 30ml or 60ml bottles.

Taking Vape Flavor to New Heights

When it comes to flavor, you know we don’t play around, and neither do our loyal customers! While we are known for creating hundreds of boldly delicious tastes, we know you guys are just as awesome in the mixology department as we are, and we absolutely love shining a light on your delectable creativity; especially when it produces flavors like our latest contest winner!

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Orange Strapple is one of those flavors you’re going to find yourself chain-vaping. It’s the perfect all day vape because it’s fruity and intense, but never over the top. It gets the job done in style without a fuss, delivering fruit flavor for days! If you’re searching for your next e-liquid flavor obsession, we’ve got a feeling this is the one!