Vaping & Bladder Cancer Are Not Correlated

Reading Time: 2 minutes Does nicotine irritate the bladder? A new press release from the American Urology Association made headlines this week after making bold claims about the risk of bladder cancer associated with vaping. Many news organizations latched onto this press release reporting that e-cigarette users are more

New York Vape Ban & The Clean Indoor Air Act

Reading Time: 2 minutes The New York State Assembly has approved legislation that would add e-cigarettes to the existing Clean Indoor Air Act. This bill was originally designed to ban smoking of traditional tobacco products indoors at public facilities such as bars and restaurants, as well as a number

Secondhand Vape Smoke Study

Reading Time: 2 minutes The state of California has been examining whether or not second-hand vapor is a serious public health concern. While smoking has been banned in many public places in the Golden State and across the country, many people have argued that vaping should not be subject

UK Vaping News & Proposed Smoking Ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new proposal from the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) in the United Kingdom is aimed squarely at those who continue to smoke despite the known health consequences. The RSPH has been very clear about their intentions through their website, stating that they no

How UK Vapers Are Replacing Cigarettes With Vaping

Reading Time: 2 minutes A national study in the United Kingdom sheds some new light on the vape industry in that country. According to research conducted by the Action on Smoking and Health, an increasing number of vapers have replaced cigarettes with vaping or have given up cigarettes completely

Tobacco Ban in Louisville Vape Shops

Tobacco Ban in Louisville Vape Shops

Reading Time: 2 minutes The city of Louisville, Kentucky is currently at the center of a heated debate on vapor regulations. A new law would make it illegal for consumers to use cigarettes or other tobacco products inside the premises of retailers who sell tobacco products. The proposal comes

Proposed National Vaping Bill Against E-Cigs - VaporFi

Proposed National Vaping Bill Against E-Cigs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today marks an important day in the fight for fair vapor legislation. California Congressman Duncan Hunter laid out a proposed vaping bill known as the Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Vapor Alternatives Act. It is the first national bill of its kind, seeking to create a

VapoprFi News NYC Vape Regulations

New York Ordinance Proposals May Change Big Apple’s Vaping Laws

Reading Time: 2 minutes The City of New York held the first of several meetings by their Public Health committee this week seeking to enact new regulations on the vapor industry. As many as four new regulations could come into play in New York City, changing the landscape of

VaporFi News Trump Fires Surgeon General

Was Vaping Report the Reason Trump Fired Surgeon General?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Late last week the Trump administration announced suddenly that Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was being relieved of his position and replaced. This announcement came as positive news for vapers, although it puzzled many across the US. This was not just another partisan flip that happened

Could Marine Le Pen be the First Vaping President? - VaporFi

Could Marine Le Pen be the First Vaping President?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a most unexpected turn of events, the French presidential election is heading to a runoff vote on May 7th between candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Both of these candidates came from outsider political parties, and swept to the front of the multi-candidate

NZ Vape & E-Cigarette Laws - VaporFi

NZ Vape & E-Cigarette Laws

Reading Time: 2 minutes Is vaping still banned in New Zealand? NZ lawmakers have finally confirmed that e-cigarette products will be available for sale in the country as early as next year. Following a long consultation period during which the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes were discussed, the announcement