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Reading Time: 4 minutes Two recurring costs come with vaping: the vape juice and the vape coil. These will need to be sporadically replaced as they are used up. This depends on how much you vape and the latter depends upon how well you vape. Keep reading our guide

How to Store E-Liquid - VaporFi

How to Store E-Liquid

Reading Time: 2 minutes So, have you amassed quite a collection of e-liquids in your time? Try our Blend of the Month religiously every month? Enjoy sampling all the offerings of having 30,000 + flavors at your disposal? Grown quite the collection of e-liquid flavors to choose among on


Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve got a sore throat from vaping and are looking for answers on technique, care, and how to avoid a vaping throat infection or other irritation, you’ve come to the right place. VaporFi encourages all of our customers to vape safely and responsibly, and

Recycling E-Cigarette Components

Reading Time: 2 minutes As some of you may know, we have already reported on the benefits that e-cigarettes would bring to the environment by reducing or eliminating cigarette butt litter. While all of the benefits are still true (less cigarette butts = less chemicals being leeched into the

Just Like Momma Told You: The How and Why of a Clean Vaporizer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Without trying to sound like an overbearing parent who’s visiting your home for the weekend, you should really clean more. Yes, clean your bathroom more, maybe, but definitely your vaporizer cigarette. Why Clean? First and foremost, you should clean because you’re dirty. Don’t be offended,

Why is My Vape Leaking? - VaporFi

Why is My Vape Leaking?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wondering why your vape is leaking? While it’s not the worst thing to happen while you’re vaping, leaks are pretty frustrating and disgusting. One minute you’re loving your custom e-liquid flavor and the next it’s all over your hands, in your mouth, or even dripping

2 Ways to Deal with Vape Floods and Leaks

Reading Time: 2 minutes Leaky vapes and floods are just part of the vape-life. There are lots of different causes, and most of the time, fixes are easy. Getting familiar with your vaporizer or vape pen device and how things work can help you to see where they are typically

How To Use A Puff Bar

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Want to learn how to use a puff bar correctly? We’ll cover all the steps you need to know to get the most satisfying vaping experience in our guide on how to hit a puff bar  If you’re vaping, you should be getting all

Vape Maintenance - How to Take Care of Your Vape

Vape Maintenance: How to Take Care of Your Vape

Reading Time: 2 minutes Caring for your vape is a big deal, you need to take proper care of it if you want it to last any decent amount of time and give you the kind of performance you’d expect from it. Here is a vape maintenance cheat sheet

How To Fix Dry Vape Hits

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re just gonna say it: dry vape hits are the worst. If you’ve ever experienced vape dry hits feel free to mutter an “amen” to that statement. Perhaps you really have the hankering for an e-cig, so you pull out your device and start to

How to Fix Leaky or Flooded Vape Tanks

Reading Time: 2 minutes Is your vaporizer leaking e-juice or flooding? This is a fairly common problem with modern nicotine delivery devices—even in the advanced vaping products like we sell here at VaporFi. In fact, the occurrence of leaking, flooding, and gurgling e-juice in cartomizer tanks typically doesn’t have

How to Store Nicotine Liquid

Reading Time: 2 minutes How many bottles of e-juice do you have right now? If your answer is just one, then you can count yourself as one of the exceptions. A majority of advanced vapers like to make sure they won’t accidentally run out of vaping supplies by planning