Tobacco Ban in Louisville Vape Shops

Tobacco Ban in Louisville Vape Shops

Reading Time: 2 minutes The city of Louisville, Kentucky is currently at the center of a heated debate on vapor regulations. A new law would make it illegal for consumers to use cigarettes or other tobacco products inside the premises of retailers who sell tobacco products. The proposal comes

Proposed National Vaping Bill Against E-Cigs - VaporFi

Proposed National Vaping Bill Against E-Cigs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today marks an important day in the fight for fair vapor legislation. California Congressman Duncan Hunter laid out a proposed vaping bill known as the Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Vapor Alternatives Act. It is the first national bill of its kind, seeking to create a

VapoprFi News NYC Vape Regulations

New York Ordinance Proposals May Change Big Apple’s Vaping Laws

Reading Time: 2 minutes The City of New York held the first of several meetings by their Public Health committee this week seeking to enact new regulations on the vapor industry. As many as four new regulations could come into play in New York City, changing the landscape of

VaporFi News Trump Fires Surgeon General

Was Vaping Report the Reason Trump Fired Surgeon General?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Late last week the Trump administration announced suddenly that Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was being relieved of his position and replaced. This announcement came as positive news for vapers, although it puzzled many across the US. This was not just another partisan flip that happened

Could Marine Le Pen be the First Vaping President? - VaporFi

Could Marine Le Pen be the First Vaping President?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a most unexpected turn of events, the French presidential election is heading to a runoff vote on May 7th between candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Both of these candidates came from outsider political parties, and swept to the front of the multi-candidate

New York Vape Tax Increase

New York Vape Tax Skyrockets

Reading Time: 2 minutes Under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the city of New York was subject to intense pressure to increase the price of cigarettes and limit access to smoking. The result was that New York City residents found themselves paying at least $10.50 per pack of cigarettes, and

FDA Collects Vape Battery Explosion Statistics - VaporFi

FDA Collects Vape Battery Explosion Statistics

Reading Time: 2 minutes After several notable news reports following vape battery explosions in devices, the FDA has turned its attention to these personal vaporizers in looking for answers. Now, the FDA is asking consumers to step forward and share their stories to collect vape explosion statistics. The Safety

VaporFi News Vape God

“Vape God” Reveals the Inspirations Behind His Epic Clouds

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hidden in the town of New Brunswick, New Jersey is a little vape shop by the name of Vertigo Vaporium. This vape shop is owned by the Lawrence brothers who opened the shop after Austin Lawrence quit smoking a few years ago and took up

Coachella Vaping & Marijuana Event - VaporFi

Coachella Vaping & Marijuana Event

Reading Time: 2 minutes About six miles away from the famed Coachella festival site, WeedMaps is working to create a vaping event, or, what they describe as a marijuana “oasis.” The location will include several large tents which will offer a variety of marijuana strains from some of the

Can You Bring a Vape to a Concert/ Music Festival?

Can You Bring a Vape to a Concert / Music Festival?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wondering if you can bring a vape into a concert? Spring music festivals offer plenty of reason to celebrate warmer weather and large gatherings of like-minded friends. As the 2017 music festival season approaches, many organizers have made it clear that vapers are more than

VaporFi Website & Pricing Update

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello to our VaporFi family! I am humbled to personally connect with you to share some exciting VaporFi news through our vapor blog. Throughout my journey of growing VaporFi, one of the things I have always done on a daily basis, in addition to learning