Are you ready for an awesome Deal of the Week? We sure hope you are because this week, we are offering a gorgeous starter kit that was designed for maximum performance. Loaded with features and ready to deliver a killer experience, the Tesla Sparrow Vape Starter Kit is going to be priced at 10% off this week! Adding a little diversity and excitement into the mix, this kit promises a highly enjoyable option for vaping. Get this baby into your carts, guys; it’s only going to be on special for one week!

Tesla is known for their eloquent, high-performance, affordable designs. Their range covers a wide array of products that appeal to vapers of all levels; from beginners to the most advanced and everywhere in between! The Tesla Sparrow Vape Starter Kit was created specifically with beginners in mind, as it is wholly simple and straight to the point. However, it will be an awesome option for just about any vaper, not just beginners, because it offers exceptional versatility as it provides a mod-style design with utter user-friendliness.

Tesla Sparrow Vape Starter Kit
The Tesla Sparrow Vape Starter Kit on sale!


This kit was made to perform, so for beginners wondering if the vaping will actually be enjoyable, we can strongly assert, YES! It was made to make the transition to vaping go smoothly and every detail has been included to ensure the performance is amazing. What makes the Tesla Sparrow Kit so attractive is that there is a whole lot of power packed into its very compact size, allowing you the ability to take it anywhere with ease. An internal LiPO 1300mAh battery has been built in, and it supports a minimum resistance of 1.0 ohms. The Tesla Sparrow includes a variable voltage dialing system, which has been designed to provide unbeatable performance. A full protection suite has been included, enabling regular usage without worrying over safety while you savor the clouds. Low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and overdischarge protection are among the safety features, so whether you’re an advanced vaper or just starting out, you can rest assured and vape carefree.


Paired with the Tesla Sparrow Mod in this starter kit is the Sparrow Tank, which offers an incredible level of performance. You can expect some marvelous flavor, along with tremendous clouds and very easy to maneuver functioning. All around, this is among the most performance-heavy options for vapers of every level. The vaping with the Sparrow kit is elevated beyond just the bare basics, yet it never crosses into the advanced category. It remains high-powered and enjoyable without a lot of baggage.

Tesla Sparrow Replacement Coils included.
Tesla Sparrow Replacement Coils included.

The Tesla Sparrow Vape Starter Kit includes:

1) Tesla Sparrow Vape Mod
1) Tesla Sparrow Tank
2) Sparrow Replacement Coils
1) Sparrow Tank Replacement Glass Section
1) Set of Spare Parts
1) Micro USB Charging Cable

The Tesla Sparrow Vape Starter Kit is a really cool, fun, and interesting vape setup. Designed by Tesla, automatically you know it’s going to be good! High quality and designed for long-lasting sessions, this kit is all about delivering a great experience. This week, we urge you to grab this kit while it’s hot; saving 10% while it’s our Deal of the Week is an absolute score; we hope you take advantage of it!