As vaping continues to become mainstream, more people are realizing the positive effects of the activity as it pertains to regular smoking. Indeed, smokers who are looking to make the switch to vaping have a lot to gain. Not only will they be able to avoid the many harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes, but they will also be able to gradually step down their nicotine intake over time.

It has long been debated about which practice is healthier for the body between smoking and vaping. And while it is difficult to point at any positives associated with smoking cigarettes, vaping has some associated health benefits that people should be aware of.

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Reduced Exposure to Carcinogens and Harmful Chemicals

The first health fact of vaping is that it doesn’t expose vapers to the harmful carcinogens and chemicals that regular cigarettes contain. A 2017 study carried out on a sample of smokers and vapers showed that regular vapers were exposed to 57% fewer organic volatile compounds such as ethylene oxide, acrylonitrile, and vinyl chloride. Also, vapers were also exposed to up to 97% lower concentrations of nitrosamine (which is a potent cancer causing agent).

It is therefore evident that vaping exposes people to fewer concentrations of potent chemicals that can harm the body and potentially cause cancer. There are many other chemicals in cigarette smoke that are likely to cause cancers such as lung cancer, stomach and breast cancer.

That is why switching to vaping is a healthy option for most smokers. Not only does vaper not contain many of these harmful chemicals, it also provides a pathway for quitting those pesky cigarettes altogether.

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Reduced Addiction to Nicotine

Another health benefit of vaping is that it allows smokers and non-smokers to step down their nicotine content over time gradually. We all know that nicotine is the addictive chemical in cigarettes, and it poses several health concerns when consumed in large quantities.

For example, nicotine can potentially cause an increase in heart rate and heart stroke volume. It tends to put more pressure n the heart as it pumps blood throughout the body. Nicotine can also result in an increase in the amount of oxygen that is consumed by the heart muscles.

It is therefore a good idea to gradually decrease nicotine intake through vaping. Thankfully, the best e-juices in e-cigarettes provide an easy channel for vapers and smokers to gradually step down their nicotine intake over time by varying the nicotine content of the e-liquids.

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No Side Effects from Second-hand Vapor

Second-hand vapor has also been shown to contain minimal to non-detectable harmful chemicals. In fact, a study conducted in a small poorly ventilated vaping store where people were actively vaping showed minimal concentrations of nicotine, acetone, and other chemicals that are expected to be harmful to others.

As a result, vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, it also doesn’t expose other bystanders to harmful chemicals that second hand smoke does.

Second-hand smoke has been shown to contain more potent chemicals than the actual cigarette itself. This is because a lit cigarette tends to dissipate more chemicals into the surrounding air as opposed to into the lungs of the smoker. Studies show that the second-hand smoke is rich in carcinogens and other toxins. With vaping, many of those risks are substantially eliminated in a heartbeat.

Improved Functioning of the Lungs and Respiratory System

With the over 70 potent chemicals in cigarettes that are likely to cause lung and respiratory diseases, switching from smoking to vaping reduces the harmful exposure to these substances. A study has shown that smokers who switched to vaping were able to experience a reduction in their blood pressure after cutting down smoking by about 50%.

In addition, tar and other carcinogens that enter the body via cigarette smoking are eliminated by switching to the best vape pens. As a result, many former smokers have reported an improved functionality in their lungs and respiratory system after quitting smoking.

No side effects from second-hand vapor - VaporFi

E-juices Make the Switch from Smoking to Vaping Easier

Thanks to some of the best e-juice flavors in the market, switching from smoking to vaping is now much easier. Studies show that the best e-cigarettes and flavors contribute significantly to smokers quitting and switching to vaping. The ability to gradually step down nicotine content over time helps smokers avoid withdrawal symptoms and potential relapse.

Indeed, the best nicotine level for vaping can be gradually reduced over time until the smoker quits nicotine altogether. With many different flavors available, smokers can select from menthol-containing e-liquids to fruity selections and citrus hints. These choices reduce the craving for traditional tobacco products and make the switch to vaping easier.

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