It’s officially the holiday season, y’all and we are in the mood for celebrating! Nothing says it’s the holidays quite like vaping!

The delicious, winter-inspired vape flavors, the promise of new vape gear, scoring the best starter kits for your loved ones who could definitely benefit from making the switch… it’s that jolly time of year, and we are in the spirit of sharing the miracle of vapor with all. To celebrate, we are hosting the 12 Days of Vapemas, which will be bringing you 12 days of awesome deals, with a new one every day. It’s kind of like the 12 Days of Christmas, but a little more interesting (who really needs partridges, swans, and calling birds?), and inclusive; it’s happening just in time for Chanukah as well! So get ready; we’ve got the savings coming at you for 12 straight days, and we are bringing nothing but the best deals on amazing products.

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Consider the 12 Days of Vapemas to be your ultimate vape shopping gift guide. We will be covering all the bases, and we will offer something great for everyone on your list who vapes, or should be vaping. And, if you happen to be shopping for yourself, well, you know we’re going to have plenty to offer that will keep you vaping happily along, with joyful savings!

For the vapers in your life, we have got everything you could possibly want to gift them with. Consider vape gear as gifts it to be the ultimate support for your loved ones who have successfully made the switch, and have found enjoyment, or even a hobby in the lifestyle. You bet the best gifts for the vapers will be not just great vape juices, and carbon copies of their fave items; rather, we urge you to go big with these, and give gifts you know they would not exactly choose for themselves. Why not introduce a different style or a more advanced version of something they love?

There’s always room for experimentation, and we urge you to take advantage of it when thinking of the best gifts for vapers!

For the smokers in your life, we cannot stress the importance of giving the gift of vapor. Because there is no finer gift than that of a more flexible, modern, and convenient lifestyle, away from the many burdens of tobacco. Smoking sucks. And it kills. And it smells pretty bad, too. Vapor smoking offers a fantastic option for those who still want the same kind of pleasure and sensation, without all the hangups. The gift of making the switch to vapor is one of the nicest things you could ever do for someone, and who knows, you may light the spark that offers meaningful change in their lives for the long run. Can you think of a more profound gift than that? We certainly can’t!

So get ready, the 12 Days of Vapemas is right upon us, and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are – we’re kicking it off today, so head to and check it out! 12 days, 12 deals, lots of ways to save on giving the best gifts around. Shop for your friends and fam, and of course, do a little shopping for yourself because you deserve it.

Nothing is more fun than the holiday season, and we look forward to celebrating in proper fashion, starting now!

best vape deals