PSV-vaping-a-better-placeDid you know that by vaping, you are contributing to the planet in a positive way? Well, yes you are! Here are some of the awesome ways you are doing good just by switching to vaping rather than smoking! It’s the little things that really add up to major things, and using alternative cigarettes is a much more environmentally sound way to go.

-Use Less, Recycle More

“Recycling” is so much more than just dropping your used bottles, cans, and boxes into your recycle bin! In a sense, every time you refill your tanks with e-liquid, you are enabling your vape pen to be a part of an ongoing cycle of usage, recycling it for extended usage. Vaping requires much less in the way of resources than traditional cigarettes, and most importantly eliminates the use of tobacco, which is an environmental nightmare. Using liquids and cartridges go a much further distance than tobacco cigarettes, creating less waste.

-Creating Less Trash

Cigarettes are the most polluted item on earth; isn’t that foul? Due to careless people who drop them nearly everywhere, and the sheer inability to control the massive waste, cigarette butts end up everywhere! They are a serious trash problem, and they do not fully decompose, falling into waterways and the environment where they leach their toxic chemicals and become a hazard to wildlife. Vaping does not create even a fraction of the same level of waste, and the products are not so easily disposed of just about anywhere. When you vape, you are ensuring that you are doing your best to keep cigarette butts out of the environment.

-Not Supporting Tobacco

Tobacco that is grown commercially for the purpose of cigarettes is grown under extremely unhealthy conditions. An abundance of heavy fertilizers are used, and it’s not just the tobacco plant that gets doused in them. All those chemicals seep into the soil where they are used, and then meander their way into bodies of water and other wildlife habitats. Not to mention, those same chemicals get into the cigarettes you smoke, adding to their already toxic makeup.

While vaping is incredibly pleasurable, so much fun, and so much more convenient than using traditional cigarettes, it’s nice to remember that switching to vapor has even farther-stretching benefits than those that impact only you on a daily basis. So keep on puffing those clouds of vapor, and saving the planet one smoke-free puff at a time!