Due to Stress Awareness Day on November 1st, we feel that this is the perfect time to do our part by contributing to a cause we’ve all suffered from at one point or another. Though many of us pass it off as if it isn’t an important matter, stress is a very serious issue that 77% of us suffer from, according to Statistic Brain. There’s an ongoing survey since 2007 by ‘Stress in America’ that’s been examining how stress affects the health and well-being of adults in the United States. They’ve found that money and work are the top two sources of significant stress.

Becoming more aware of the significance of stress leads us to seek viable solutions, such as vaping.

Ever since the United States adopted electronic cigarettes back in 2009, vaping has become a prominent solution as a way to reduce stress. By vaping you can reduce stress levels in several ways, and not only from the most common way, which is by nicotine intake. During high loads of mental or physical pressure, people often times crave sweets or taste appealing flavors. By vaping you have access to all the flavors in the rainbow, and then some. In fact, at VaporFi we have more than 30,000 different possible e-juice flavor combinations for you to take advantage of, and the plot thickens when you factor in our VaporFi Vapetenders that will allow you to select up to three flavors to create your own e-liquid.

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As many are aware, nicotine is one of the most common ways to reduce stress. In the past nicotine users were forced to use tobacco as a way for nicotine delivery, however, times have changed and nicotine delivery options have progressed in the form of vaping. Not only do you gain the sensory pleasure of nicotine by vaping but nicotine is also known to produce pleasure by attaching to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor found on certain nerve cells. These nerve cells then release a chemical signal called glutamate. A chain reaction forms and the connected neurons then release dopamine. What’s been found is that the more these nerve cells are excited, the more dopamine is released and the greater the chance of a pleasurable feeling.

The human body can become even more complex when nicotine is put into the mix and it doesn’t just stop with reducing your stress levels. While we’re on the subject, published in the “Basic and Clinical Phychopharmacology of Nicotine“, doctors found that nicotine also improves attention, learning, reaction time, and problem solving among many more.

What’s even better about vaping to reduce stress is that you don’t even have to use nicotine.

There are many people that vape without nicotine entirely; some of us refer to them as no-nic vapers. Even without the use of nicotine, people can reduce stress levels by simply performing the act of vaping and vaping itself. It all stems from hand movements, such as moving your e-cigarette to your mouth, the act of inhaling and exhaling vapor, and even the action of simply pressing a button to activate the e-cigarette or holding it. These are all of the perks that drove many of us to smoking; the movements and fixation of holding something. And you wondered why fidget spinners and dice gained popularity so quickly, ding ding!

To sum it up, below are the key points we’ve discussed as potential ways to reduce stress by vaping. Though there are many ways vaping serves as a stress reducer, these are what we feel are the most prominent.

  • Reduce Stress With A Sweet Fix of E-Liquid Flavors
  • Reduce Stress With The Use of Nicotine
  • Reduce Stress Simply By Vaping

When it comes to stress, we take the matter very seriously. We’re humans just like you; some of us are employees where we too endure stressful situations due to the rapid growth of VaporFi. However, we know that vaping is one way to help reduce stress and as a result of Stress Awareness Day, we wanted to share that knowledge with VaporFi customers.

create your e-juice