VaporFi Vaporizers: the perfect morning treat
Morning Coffee & Morning Vape = a Perfect Pair

Do you vape all day, errr day? Yeah, we get it. However, we do have a particular affinity for vaping in the AM.

Some vapers are so into their morning vape, they set up everything the night before, leaving their vape pen at their bedside, filled, charged and ready for action the minute they wake up. It can be such a nice transition from peaceful, restful sleep and it can help make the typical morning rush a little less stressful and hurried. There’s really a lot to say about waking up, and getting out of bed on the right side of it!

Most vapers are long accustomed to their nicotine in the morning from their tobacco smoking days. Wake up, have a smoke, move on with your day. So, most find that when switching, there is no reason not to continue this daily tradition with their vaping. Some of the added bonuses include not having to worry about burning holes in their fluffy down comforters, mattresses, or potentially causing fires when vaping in their beds!

So, if you’re one of these who likes to vape before being available to the world outside, here are our picks for the best flavors to pair w/ your AM coffee:

There’s just something so special about that first vape of the day, whether you go after it as soon as you open your eyes to the sound of your alarm, or savor it slowly with your cup of coffee a little while later. Beautiful thing is, is that there is no right or wrong, and there are so many ways to enjoy this little pleasurable ritual. How can any day be bad when it starts out with something so good?