VaporFi Bolt RDA AtomizerWhen it comes to the whole-wide-world of vaping, there are many words that are thrown around that can leave people scratching their head. Mod, cartomizer, atomizer, and even PG/VG. With all these words, terms, and acronyms; the one you need to familiarize yourself with is atomizer. What is this? Well, to put it simply, this is the part that turns the e-liquid to vapor. It uses the battery within your vaporizer, with the help of small coils inside the atomizer itself; to heat up the e-liquid with the help of cotton or some other “filler material”, and turn it into the vapor we all love blowing clouds of.

There are many different types of atomizers currently on the market, each of which has it’s own unique qualities. You need to realize this, because it is crucial, that not all atomizers are created equally. I’m not meaning this to say some out there are junk while others are amazing. I’m saying this in sense that they are not all interchangeable. Certain companies use proprietary threading, or sizing to make sure you purchase their atomizers for the device in which you own. This doesn’t however apply to your RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), for these you rebuild yourself, so there is no need for the hassle of tracking down the proper coils. This is strictly for your vape tanks; so make sure that before you purchase your atomizer, you know exactly what parts you will need ahead of time. There are companies that make “third party” heads for many devices; so make sure you look into that as well.

What we’re going to be looking at now, on an individual level, is the Bolt RDA from Vaporfi. Right up front, if you look at their website, they inform you that RDA’s are for expert level vapers. I agree with this. However, if you are a beginner looking to make the change from your vape tank to a RDA, this is a great option for you to start out with.

Let’s look at what you’ll see when you take this device out of the box. First, obviously you will see the Bolt RDA, but it also comes packaged with 4 additional o-rings, 3 screws, a screw driver, your drip tip, and a piece of 28 gauge Kanthal wire. A pretty basic setup, but it’s everything you need to get started. The RDA itself comes in four pieces; the drip tip, top cap, barrel, and base. Four piece RDA’s are pretty common now and a vast improvement over the original three piece setups which were the only option available three years ago.

When you look at the base, or more commonly called the build deck, it’s a pretty simple and standard three post design. If you were unaware, the two outer posts are your negative posts, and the center is your positive. It’s good to know these little details before getting started because it‘s critical knowledge. The deck is slightly small, but actually pretty comfortable to build on. Like every RDA on the market, each one individually takes a little getting used to, especially if you are used to other specific designs. But this device reminded me of many I have owned over the years, so it was really ease to get the hang of because of it’s familiar feel. Some of you out there might look at the juice well as a con, considering that it isn’t a huge juice well, so you may have to drip you favorite e-liquid a little more often. But it didn’t both me in the slightest because it works so very well. The device also comes stock with a copper contact pin. This is very important, because it’s what makes contact with your battery, and the fact that copper is highly conductive makes for a smooth, powerful vape.

The one element that can be a make it or break it factor with any RDA is the airflow. The website advertises this with adjustable airflow, which it does have, but it might not be exactly what you are expecting. The barrel comes with four reasonably sized holes drilled into it. Two on either side of the barrel, these are you air flow. It’s designed to be used fully open, or at half way. One of the biggest complaints I have heard, is that you can’t run airflow in this for single coil builds. But I honestly don’t feel the same way, I always run all my RDA’s fully open. The more airflow you have, the more vapor you will produce. If you are a flavor chaser, this atomizer delivers. With the device fully open, or with two of the holes closed off, this piece gives massive amounts of flavor; which isn’t something I can say about all RDA’s that I’ve personally owned.

The atomizer itself measures in at 22mm, so it will fit flush on all your standard 22mm mech mods, and looks nice sitting on top on any box mod I’ve seen it on. The smaller design is one of the common traits I’ve found on any of these devices that deliver superior flavor. I’d be hard pressed to find anything that I would consider a “con” with this device. Believe me, I’ve used some devices in the past that were nothing but cons. But with the amount of time I’ve had utilizing this particular device, it passed all my “out of the box” testing. I stand by my statement that this is the perfect atomizer for any one considering making the switch to rebuildables; and for the veteran builders out there, this is just another great piece to add to your ever growing collection.

I’m going to wrap this up with, I think this is a great device at a great price. With a price tag of $49.99 for a device that isn’t a clone, you really can’t beat that. But on the off chance you’re still not ready to make the switch, has many other options available to you. Just head over to their website and take a look at their catalog of vape tanks they offer. Also on their website, if you’re going to go the tank route, you can order all the replacement atomizer heads you could possibly need. It’s a great one stop shop, were you can keep up to date on all the upcoming products they are releasing.