Looking for a way to save money on your favorite VaporFi products? Consider signing up for the VaporFi Rewards Club! This awesome program allows you to earn points for making purchases, writing reviews, sharing posts on social media and more. The best part is that every $4 you spend on products, you earn 1VF point for your next purchase online! VaporFi’s rewards program is one of the best vape coupons you can find.

Earning Points for Your Purchases

First off, you may be wondering how easy it is for you to earn points in this program. The answer is that there are multiple ways to earn points and they are all crazy simple to do. For instance, for every purchase you make, you earn one VF point for each dollar spent. If you are a dedicated vaper, you can build up quite a few points really quick just with your regular purchases.

Naturally, VaporFi wants your feedback after you have made a purchase. That’s why we also offer you bonus points if you go online and write a review of the products you purchased on our site. Of course, it wouldn’t be a great loyalty program unless it came with free birthday points as well, so VaporFi will be sure to drop an extra 20 points into your account each year as a special thank you for your loyalty. Last but not least, if you sign up for the Home Delivery program, you can also get an extra 25 points right away. 

Home Delivery Program

VaporFi - Man Receiving Vaping Purchase Home Delivery

The home delivery program is another simple way to save money. You can schedule deliveries of your favorite e-liquids and devices directly to your house at regular intervals. This program offers a whopping 10% discount on products and many other perks. 

Refer-A-Friend Program

In addition to earning points for your own purchases, you can also earn points by referring your friends to the program. Just send your friends an invitation to the club and they will instantly get $10 off their first purchase. As soon as they buy, you will get 20VF points for yourself.

Being Social

Naturally, we want you to share your experiences with VaporFi far and wide. That’s why VaporFi has also included a great way for you to tell your story with our loyalty program. For each time you share VaporFi’s page on Facebook or Twitter, we will give you five VF points, and another 5 points each time you share a purchase online. You can receive points up to three times a day for sharing and tweeting about us. 

How to Get Started

VaporFi - How to Start Rewards Program

To get started with the VaporFi Rewards program, all you have to do is go online and sign up through our website, or you can ask in-store. This actually opens up a whole account where you can go online to track your points and progress. It’s as simple as filling out one quick form with your email address and setting up a password. VaporFi promises to never to sell your information or give it away.

Once you have created an account, you can log on anytime to check your point status or to make purchases. Just go shopping like you normally would and put all of your purchases in your shopping cart. When it’s time to check out, the VaporFi site will automatically ask you if you would like to redeem your VaporFi discount. All you need to do is check the box and you will instantly get $20 off your total bill. These VaporFi coupons are also valid in our stores, so just give the sales associate your information at check out and they will be happy to help you. 

What Can I Buy?

Here’s the best part! Your $20 rewards coupon is applicable to nearly any purchase you make through our site. That means you can buy a bottle of premium e-liquid like our Berry Bash or Live Free vape juice and get them completely free! Or you can opt for a larger purchase like a brand new Vox 60 Starter Kit. Normally $169.00, you can get it for less than $150. Plus, our clearance items are not excluded, so you can stock up on accessories, batteries, swag and discontinued products all without spending a dime of your own money. 

We want you to know that we appreciate you as a loyal customer, and with our rewards program, we can give something back to you as a thank you. All you have to do is subscribe with your email and you can begin earning points right away! Don’t forget to share your love for VaporFi with your friends and earn referral points just for talking about your favorite products and flavors on Twitter and Facebook. With so many easy ways to earn points, what’s not to love?