What is VG?

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When it comes to e-liquids, one thing you will hear a lot about are VG and PG. These two-letter abbreviations stand for vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, and both are used in e-liquid bases. Some liquids are made entirely with one or the other, and some are made with a combination of both. If you are wondering exactly what vegetable glycerin is and what it’s doing in your e-liquids, this article will enlighten you!

In addition to flavorings and nicotine, the base for e-juice is something of huge discussion among the vaping community. It’s quite divided, with users typically having a staunch preference of one over the other.

Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, is favored by some e-cig users because of its unique characteristics. For example, some perks include having a thicker consistency, a sweeter flavor, larger clouds of vapor that dissipate more slowly, and a less powerful throat hit so it’s more gentle on the throat. These are all attributes that make it a really great base.

So what exactly is vegetable glycerin? Well, for starters, it’s nothing like the similar-sounding nitroglycerin, which is an ingredient used to make explosives! VG is an all-natural derivative of plants, and is extracted from their oil; hence the name “vegetable”. It can be found in a wide range of products, both meant for consumption as well as for beauty.

In order to create the perfect e-liquid consistency and performance capabilities, VaporFi e-liquids are created from a perfected blend of 70/30% PG/VG. Our vegetable glycerin is sourced exclusively from the Malaysian Palm, from only the best providers, to ensure purity and that we do our best to avoid creating a negative situation for users who have peanut allergies.

From our experience and developments, we have determined that the 70/30 ratio creates an ideal balance, and produces the best e-liquid flavor. It also appeals to a wider range of users, who are looking for specific qualities in their liquid, such as a powerful throat hit, a mildly sweet taste, and an exceptionally intense throat hit, rich clouds of vapor, without giving up the benefits of either PG or VG.

So, now that you understand exactly what VG is, head on over to our website to browse our offerings of the very best nicotine e-liquids available! Expect awesome performance as well as the most incredible selection of custom blended liquids you can get!

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