E-LiquidLiquids are such a big deal when it comes to vaping. Basic and essential, you can’t vape without a device and some liquid, so there is just no getting around them. Whether you like pre-filled cartridges, or go for the gold and fill ‘em up yourself, your clouds are only as good as your liquid.

When it comes to using e-liquids, you’ve got a world of options out there. There are so many choices, it can be maddening. So why does VaporFi stand out from the pack? Because we make it a priority to produce not only the best quality liquid, as we know that will produce the very best vapor, but we also prefer to keep things interesting with flavor choices so you don’t get bored. Plus, we are really into keeping it affordable. That’s right; while most companies are charging in upwards of $20 for 20ml, we keep it real with 30ml bottles at $14.99!

We use the best base ingredients, all certified Kosher and inhalation grade, and this includes a proprietary blend of PG/VG formulated to create the most voluminous, smooth, and powerful hitting vapor ever. Simply, we know our liquids rock, and we are beyond excited to share them! However, if you’ve never experienced the sheer wonder that occurs when you use them, it can be a little hard to understand just how great it will be. So, are you still wondering whether or not vaping with VaporFi e-liquids will rock?

For the experienced, it’s a no-brainer. You typically know what you’re aiming for. You know what you like, what you want, you know what different VG/PG ratios equate to, and you’ve probably got a good amount of trial and error in regards to flavor under your belt.

Yet for the novice, be it the vape newbie or the vaper who has been accustomed to using ready-to-use cartridges, transitioning to liquids can be a little daunting. But fret none, for once you experience what awaits, the freedom, the control, the mind-altering level of flavors (30,000 y’all!), and the supreme purity of ultra-potent, powerful vapor hits, we’re pretty sure you will be hooked!

So, yeah… e-liquids are pretty darn fantastic. If you use them, are contemplating using them, or are just wondering where to actually start with using them, you’re probably aware of the fact that there are endless options to choose from with brands, flavors, nicotine levels, ingredients, crazy gimmicks, and just about every type of variation imaginable. Our suggestion: stick with VaporFi. You’ll never be able to say “I can’t find a flavor I like” or “They’re too pricey.” You know you’ll be getting the best!