Stay healthy and fit this holiday season without overindulging! Does the impending holiday season have you fretting over your bod? Scared that shopping and nonstop feasting on fatty foods is going to consume all of your time and you won’t be able to hit the gym or sneak in some regular workouts? Wondering how vapor cigs can help you stay fit this holiday season? Let us give you the run down!

Well, for starters, put down the fork and get away from the table! Its easy to get sucked into hardcore indulging during the holidays. Extra large peppermint lattes, (and really any other decadent coffee beverages from everyone’s fave commercial coffee house), eggnog, holiday cookies, panettone, basically all the goodies that make the season taste amazing tend to have really bad repercussions. Instead, when going after these treats, think moderation; not daily, or hourly habit. As delicious as most holiday treats are, for the most part, they’re loaded with negative calories, causing an overload in your system.

Another way to combat the holiday season bloat when you’ve had a few too many indulgences is to make sure you stay active. Get creative in how you sneak workouts into your daily doings. Park as far away from buildings as possible to have a longer walk in; those extra treks add up! Also, if you work within a few miles of your job, think about biking to work. Is your office on the 2nd floor, or higher of the building? Use the stairs instead of using the elevator. Do you have a dog? Yes, these little extra moves may take a few minutes more, but they are so worth it!

Another option you have to go nuts on indulgent flavors that doesn’t involve too much self control is vaping, however. You can get the same rich, seasonal flavors  from e-liquids like our awesome custom blends such as hazelnut latte, sweet tobacco, amaretto truffle, the list goes on!

Vapor cigs are also ideal for finishing a meal, especially if you’ve too much food and/ or dessert. Nicotine has the ability to make you feel perfectly satisfied and can help you avoid overdoing it. Plus, during those festive family feasts, vaping gives you an added reason to go for a long walk around the block after dinner if you feel like you could use some physical activity. Bonus: bring your favorite peeps to keep the good times going, as there’s nothing quite like holiday merriment with those you love.

The holidays are all about making memories and having a great time, so don’t let your concerns about staying healthy get in the way. Vaping is a great way to stay satisfied without going crazy from temptation! Plus, if you do your best to stay active and healthy, there’ll also be no guilt involved when you go for two rounds of pie during dessert!