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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Blend of the Month Club

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Aromatic Blends

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  • 1 Access to exclusive, awesome new flavors before any other customers!
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  • 5 Exclusive Discounts for members only on batteries, tanks, kits and more!
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Only $15.99 (30ML)

For only $15.99/mo, you will receive a specially-created and unreleased Blends-of-the-Month for the flavor category you enroll in. Sign up for one or more flavor categories: Tobacco, Menthol, Dessert, Fruit and Other Flavors.

Blend of the Month Club

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Every month we create a new blend for each of our flavor categories to send to our BOTM Club Subscribers. The aromatic blend bottle you will receive every month will be a unique blend of flavors based on the category you select. You can add multiple categories and you will receive a bottle for each category you select ($15.99 each).


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