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Create a Unique Vaping Experience with Custom     E-liquid

Create Your Custom Flavor
E-Liquid Flavorings

Customize your ecigarette by mixing and matching your favorite flavored e-juice

Here at VaporFi, we know vapers. For one, we've been at it for a few years now and are already a well-established supplier of premium electronic cigarettes and the best vapor e-liquid. Also, we know what vapers want because we are vapers ourselves—not just some mega corporation only interested in getting in the profit.

We are on a mission to revolutionize the way people smoke, and if there is one thing we have learned about adopting a smoking alternative, it's that the flavor of your e-juice can make or break your smokeless experience.

Vaping is all about freedom—freedom to smoke where you want, when you want, and how you want. However, with most of the major ecigarette brands out there, you're lucky to get 10 flavor options at the most. That “freedom” sounds pretty limited to us.

To give vapers a better alternative with more choices, VaporFi is proud to offer over sixty delicious juices that will boost the taste of your e-cigarettes. But we refused to stop there. We also let our customers come up with and buy their own nicotine liquid recipe, opening up over 30,000 possible flavor combinations.
Ten flavors don't seem like much now, do they?


Take E-Liquid Flavor into Your Own Hands...Or Mouth

You shouldn't have to settle for prepackaged taste when it comes to your e-juice.  Rather, why not choose the eliquid flavor (or flavors) that work best with your palate? At VaporFi, you can.
Here's how blending your custom vapor eliquid works:

  • First, you select the number of custom flavors you want in your juice—one, two or three;
  • Then, choose your desired flavor from a list of 60+ blends, comprised of Tobacco, Menthol, Dessert, Fruit and other miscellaneous e- liquid flavors.;
  • Pick whether you want each flavor to be a single, double or triple shot to determine the flavor intensity;
  • Lastly, select the overall nicotine level of your custom juice blend. For example, choose bold (3.6%) for a strong kick, or go with the nicotine-free option to get all of the flavor without any of the nicotine. Your other options are Full Flavor (2.4%), Regular (1.8%), Light (1.2%) and Ultra-Light (0.6%).

Once you think you have come up with a winning custom flavor, just add it to your cart, check out, and expect to get your eliquid delivered right to your door in 5-7 days (excluding shipping to HI, AK, and internationally)—or even faster if you opt for expedited shipping.

Yes, customizing your vape experience is that easy!

And once you've found the e-liquid that tastes the best to you, you can join our Home Delivery Program to customize the frequency and amount of refills you want us to send you—not to mention enjoy some great member perks like 10% off all purchases, member-only special offers and the convenience of automatic deliveries for your refills.

Take charge of your ecigarette taste today by creating a custom e-juice blend!

E-juice from VaporFi is made with the best Kosher-grade ingredients in U.S. based labs. Formulas are on file with the Food & Drug Administration…

What are you waiting for?

Visit for custom e-juice. Visit our blog and knowledge center for more information about the best nicotine liquid on the market, and how you can blend your own unique flavors.

By the way, did we mention that you can now start your own e-cigarette franchise? If you're an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in this growing industry, an e-cigarette franchise through VaporFi is your best choice. Find out more...

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