WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Jam Monster Grape E-liquid (100mL)

Brand: Monster

What's Included:

  • 1 x 100ml Bottle of Jam Monster Grape Vape Juice

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Specs & Features

  • 75% VG/ 25% PG
  • Primary Flavors:
    • Grape Jam
    • Toast
    • Butter

Customer Reviews

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Will always be my go to.
Review by Grizzle
I got this a while ago, and with my first hit... i was.... confused... lol. It was not at all what i was expecting. I definitely got a huge hit of grape jelly, and them a lingering hint of butter at the end. And i have to tell you, that little hint of butter is what really makes it. The only thing i would have to criticize jam monster for is their consistency. Some bottles seem to be more buttery than others, most of my bottles are nearly clear, every once in a while i get a darker bottle. I have tried a few jam monster flavors that i really didnt like, and some that i really did like, but one thing is for sure. The grape jam monster will always be my go to vape. Every once in a while i venture out to try something new, looking for something that can match this. But the good ole grape just never gets old to me.
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Love this Grape
Review by Mark B.
Glad I bought this. Great mixture of butter and grape. The grape flavor lingers long after you vape it. Definitely a favorite of mine.
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Nice Morning Vape
Review by Vapor B.
Does have a good balance of grape, butter and bread flavors. I actually did not care for it when I first dripped it but after a good shape up and airing, I liked it a lot. Just a different flavor for sure. Definitely not a candied grape but more juice like. The butter flavor comes through well too.
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Monster Grape
Review by Cj
Delish!! I love grape everything so eliquids no different. Super strong but sweet and smooth all at the same time. I really don't taste any butter or toast in this flavor, the grape over powers everything. Its not quite grape candy or like a grape juice or the fruit- so I guess grape jelly is the best way to describe it. Bottom line if you like grape, you'll dig it.
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Delicious Liquid
Review by Todd M.
Oh this is good! It's as grapey as can be and I love it. Sweet and bursting with juicy grape flavor, but the nicest element of buttery bread comes in too with a really soft, smooth touch. I really dig it. Great blend of flavors, and perfect if you love grapes.

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