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Throat Hit – What is it and Why It's Critical to a Satisfying Vaping Experience

You may be new to this world of vaping or perhaps you are considering trying a vaporizer cigarette for the first time.  Your friends have used the term throat hit and your curiosity has spiked in knowing what in the world that is. 

On the other hand, you may have been a vaper for a long time and know just how important a good throat hit is! 

VaporFi has several suggestions on how to achieve a great throat hit and an overall amazing vaping experience.

Anything you try for the first time may need some "tweaking" to get it just right.  It is trial and error like anything in life.  Most things that are worth much take a little time and effort. 

For example, relationships are work!  When you have a vaporizer cigarette, you are in a way beginning a new relationship. 

You ask yourself what you can do for your vapor cig to work its best and what can the e cig do for you to help have the best vaping experience possible!  One thing is for certain; don't give up on achieving the best relationship you can have with your vapor cigarette!

A throat hit is the feeling and satisfaction that one gets in the back of their throat and lungs when they inhale nicotine.  

For most people the throat hit is very important – but for some, it's not as high a priority. 
Someone who has been a heavy traditional smoker may need a much stronger throat hit to achieve satisfaction.  Others that have never smoked or smoked very little may not have the need for such a strong throat hit.  If you have been a chain smoker of analogue cigarettes, the adjustment period could take you longer.   But again…don't give up!

VaporFi would like to suggest a few tips to help you achieve the best experience possible!

  • One of the most important issues is your juice selection.  The great news is Vapor Fi offers over 30,000 combinations of nicotine e-liquids!  Therefore, you should not have a problem finding something you like! So many people thoroughly enjoy our fruity and dessert type combinations.  However, as a chain smoker, you may not be achieving the best throat hit that you require from these flavors.  Perhaps you need a more tobacco juice taste.
  • Is there enough liquid in your cartomizer?  This is very important.  If there is too little, then not enough vapor will be produced, which means not a great throat hit.
  • You must take longer and slower drags with a vaporizer cigarette. If you are or were a traditional smoker, it was very important to take quick hits for satisfaction.  However, with e-cigs, we don't get in a rush!  A good rule of thumb is your drag lasting at least 3 to 6 seconds.
  • Don't be in a rush to exhale either.  This is where the satisfaction of the throat hit takes place. 
  • The amount of nicotine is important as well.  If you have not been a heavy traditional smoker, then 8 mgs is probably sufficient.  However, if you have been a pretty heavy smoker, 24 mgs may be what you are seeking.  You can go up to as high as 36 mgs but this would be too strong for most people.
  • Take your time to get it just right!  If it is too weak it will seem you are not inhaling anything.  Too strong and it can be painful and actually damaging to your throat. 
  • If you're looking for a stronger throat hit, consider a higher voltage device like our new 50-watt VOX model to really warm up the liquid.

At VaporFi we have some truly excellent devices that we believe will help you reach the ultimate vaping satisfaction.  If you are looking for a truly advanced vaporizer cigarette that will guarantee some excellent throat hits, check out our new Rocket! It will not doubt rock your vaping experience! 

Hope all this information helps you understand how to achieve a throat hit that you won't forget.  For more information, please continue browsing our blog and knowledge center. And happy vaping!

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