WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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  • Shop And Join receive points on every dollar spent online
  • Earn More add points referring friends, social media shares and reviewing products
  • Redeem convert your points into vaporfi cash to use towards future purchases

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Vapor Cash Conversions

800 Pts = $20
Points are valid an entire anniversary year!

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Give your friend $10 off their first purchase and get 80 VF points towards your next purchase

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Frequently asked questions

How do I earn points?

Earning points is easy. You receive, 4 point for every $1 spent, 1 point for every product review you leave; earn 100 POINTS when you sign up for reoccurring product delivery or REFER A FRIEND to GET 80 POINTS (and your friend receives $10 off with their referral!) As a bonus, you’ll receive 80 POINTS every year on your BIRTHDAY!

Every 800 POINTS you collect, you’ll receive a $20 credit toward your next purchase!

How can I redeem rewards points?


Click on the 'My Account' link on the top of our website and log in. Once logged in, you will see the number of points you have on your Dashboard. Click on 'My Points & Rewards' on the left menu to view the history and details of your points.


You can browse through our site and shop as normal. Simply add the products you want to your shopping cart.


Redeem your VF Points by selecting the checkbox "SPEND 800 POINTS, GET $20 OFF" on the Shopping Cart or Checkout pages of our website or at any VaporFi retail location.

How can I see my rewards point balance?

Log into your VaporFi account. Then click “My Account” in the top navigation menu. From your My Account Dashboard you have the ability to view a snapshot of your recent account activity, update your account information, and see your rewards balance!

How do I join VaporFi insider rewards?

Just create a VaporFI and you’ll be automatically enrolled! You can also visit https://www.vaporfi.com/how-it-works/rewards.html

Is there a limit on how many rewards points I can earn?

There’s no limit on how many points you can earn! As you earn points, you can use as much as $100 in points rewards per purchase!

How does the friend referral program work?

Through the VaporFi Rewards Club you can send your friends an exclusive $10 OFF their first order. After their first purchase, we will give you 80 VF POINTS as a thank you.

I had an account with the old rewards system and I don't see my points?

If you’ve ever had a loyalty account with VaporFi, your points should be automatically transferred to the current rewards system. If you have an issue finding your previously earned points, please contact customer service so we can sort things out for you.

Can I stack my already redeemed rewards points and codes with a promotion running a discount code?

Yes! Rewards Points can be used on any future orders, even Sales items. Unfortunately, points may not be used on site-wide sales or purchases with exclusive promotional codes.

* Make sure you create an account and are logged in when shopping to be eligible for points.

For more details about the VaporFi Insider Program, see Terms and Conditions.