WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Solace Chew Nicotine Bundle


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Solace Chew Flavor Option 1

Solace Chew Flavor Option 2

Solace Chew Flavor Option 3

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If you’ve been hunting for a way to get your nicotine in a more covert way than possible through vaping and enjoy saving money as well -- we’ve created the perfect bundle! Our Solace Chew Nicotine Bundle gives you the opportunity to sample the three awesome varieties of Solace’s revolutionary Chew product in a bundle crafted to deliver nicotine on the “down low” and “in your face” savings! You’ll get one package each of Solace’s Cinnamon, Fruit Medley, and Cool Mint Chew -- letting you experience the full spectrum of flavors available in this remarkable alternative to vaping! Are you ready for a new way to get your nicotine? Add our superb Solace Chew Nicotine Bundle to your VaporFi shopping cart today!

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Solace Chew Nicotine Bundle