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At 528 Customs, they strive to offer vapor fans with quality and flexible products that can suit your preferences and meet your expectations. Whether you’re just getting started in the industry or you’re a seasoned veteran, 528 Customs has a product for you.

Vape MODs

At 528 Customs, they offer products that allow you to control your vaping experience fully. At VaporFi, we stock high-quality MODs such as the DripTech-DS and its close variant, the DripTech-TS. 528 Custom’s vape MODs are simple enough for a beginner to navigate, yet sophisticated enough for advanced vapers to truly enjoy.

528 Customs has kept the critical components close at heart; namely wattage, temperature control, and sub-ohm. Don’t take our word for it, try them out yourself.


Why consider going anywhere else to get your Rebuildable Drip Atomizers? We are known for our innovation in this area since our company started operating. We stock Goon v1.5 RDAs in variants of black, gold, rose gold and stainless steel.

Not only is the finish genuinely authentic, but the functionality of the atomizers is also second to none. Our goal is to elevate your vaping experience, and our RDAs help you achieve that goal. Our Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs) are also top in their class.

Drips Tips

Most vapers tend to ignore the difference that drip tips can cause to their vaping experience. Remember that the drip tip is the last item that goes between you and the RDA, RTA, or sub-ohm tank.

A quality drip tip needs to allow for easy placement of the e-liquid and to offer heat resistance that makes handling the vaper a comfortable process. At 528 customs, the drip tips are made of a sturdy material such as acrylic, and they friction fit perfectly with the rest of the e-cig.

Vaping Accessories

At VaporFi, our accessories add style and sophistication to your vapors and e-cigs. You can take your products a notch higher by adding 528 Customs’ unique acrylic drip tips, squonk bottles, colored caps, or even Ultem caps. With additional accessories, you can accessorize your vapor hardware to make them look genuinely appealing.