WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

World's 1st Invisible Vape Kit

VOX® Invisi 500 TC Kit

VOX Invisi 500 TC Kit
  • Razor-Thin, Pocket-Size All-In-One Device
  • Fires Up to 500 Watts
  • Spring-Loaded 601 Threading
  • Platinum 0.15 Resistance Coils
  • 30ML 100% VG InvisiVape E-Liquid
  • VaporEyes 0.5 Ohm Glasses with Doppler Radar

VaporFi VOX® Invisi 500 TC

VOX Invisi 500 TC

The VOX® Invisi 500 TC is a razor-thin pocket-size powerhouse that fires up to an incredible 500 watts! With spring-loaded 601 threading and platinum 0.15 resistance coils, sourced from the finest Catalytic Converters, the VOX® Invisi 500 TC delivers an out-of-this world vaping experience that will blow your mind.

VaporFi InvisiVape E-Liquid


The Kit comes with 30ML of our patent-pending 100% VG InvisiVape E-Liquid that generates temperatures so high, the vapor literally disappears, producing no odor and no vape cloud, while still delivering premium e-liquid flavor and the refined taste you love.

VaporFi VaporEyes


Want to see the vape clouds? The Kit comes with a pair of VaporFi VaporEyes. These Incredible 0.5 Ohm stylish glasses come equipped with Doppler Radar that allow only you the ability to see vape clouds. It's 100% invisible vaping technology on the level of NASA genius.


HaHa, April Fools!