VaporFi Custom VapesWe specialize in “custom.” It’s one of those rather amazing things we feel is such a necessity. For those of you who consider yourselves true vapers, you know the importance of having things at an individual level, because we’re all individuals, no matter how inspired we are by each other. So, allowing you to have a ton of options for vaporizers as you please is what we’re all about. Keep reading for more info about how we can’t be beaten when it comes to custom vapes. It all comes down to one concept: endless variety is a great, great thing!

Custom Built

Did you know our Custom Vape Builder can set you up with the vape of your dreams in minutes flat? Your options are all displayed before you; you select what you want, check it out as it comes to life, and when you’re satisfied you order it! Voila! We simplify the process, make it super fun, and streamline it to where it doesn’t involve hours of your time figuring out what you want. Instant gratification, yo!

Custom Blends

You’re probably aware of our custom e-liquid flavors by now; who in the vaping world isn’t? We can’t tell you how great it is to be able to have literally anything your mind can think of when it comes to liquids; you have to experience it for yourselves. Simply, anything you want, how you want it! And, because we’re all about making things taste exactly how you want them, you’ve got to check out our new flavor enhancers that can tweak flavors just so, to get a fruitier or sweeter taste.

Options Like You Can’t Imagine

There is no other brand out there doing what we are doing. If you’ve spent time perusing our site, and we know it can take hours, you would know that we offer a massive selection of batteries, mods, e-cigs, and vaporizer accessories to complete the experience, all with the best quality out there. We’ve thought of everything because we know you want it.

Individual tastes call for individualized vaping. With VaporFi, consider your fantasies materialized! Look no further for awesome selection and vaping that caters to you because we believe in custom!

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