Top 5 Vaping Trends 2022

Top 5 Vaping Trends 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes What to look forward to in the year 2022? Check out our picks for the top 5 vaping trends, and select some of the best products at VaporFi.

Dry Herb Vapes vs Oil Vaporziers

Dry Herb Vapes vs. Oil Vapes

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re into vaping CBD or other flowers, here’s your guide to dry herb vapes vs oil vaporizers. See which you prefer!

How Does Dry Herb Vaping Work and What is the Experience Like?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether you’re an experienced vaper or a newcomer interested in getting into the world of vaping, you’ve probably heard about dry herb vapes. But what are they? How do they work? How does the experience differ from smoking a traditional joint or standard vapes? Well

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What is CBD?

Reading Time: 9 minutes CBD: it’s the hottest trending topic that has everyone buzzing, earning serious attention from scientific researchers, health and wellness advocates, and everyday people alike. From smoothie shops and bakeries to yoga studies and vape shops, the odds are that there is at least a handful

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CBD Vape Effects: How Does CBD Vape Make You Feel?

Reading Time: 7 minutes CBD is a trending topic that has everyone talking, making appearances in your neighborhood coffee shops, health food stores, and vape retailers. With so many consumers giving CBD glowing reviews, a growing number of people are turning to these plant-based products and learning more about


Vaporfi Now Sells Nu-X CBD Disposable Vape Pens

Reading Time: 5 minutes We’ve all heard a lot about CBD lately, and given the amount of overwhelmingly positive press this molecule has received, the question is not “if” you should try it, but “how” and ‘when”! We’re excited to introduce you to one of the simplest and most

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Fit CBD Into YOUR Day in YOUR Way!

Reading Time: 5 minutes We all know we should be getting a daily serving of CBD, but how?  Who has the time?  We’ve got some strategies to make incorporating CBD products into your daily personal wellness routine easy, fast, and possibly even fun!  Intrigued?  Check out the full post!

Best CBD E-Liquids & Oils Guide

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’ve heard the buzz surrounding CBD and are looking for a convenient way to try adding CBD to your daily routine, CBD e-liquids and oils might be exactly what you need. While there’s no shortage of great CBD products to choose from, there are