VaporFi Fixing Burnt Taste of Vape

FAQ: Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt with a New Coil?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Just about every vaper has been there: you fire up your favorite vape device, fill it with your vape juice of choice, and eagerly anticipate the first deliciously fluffy cloud of flavored vapor. Except when that first puff hits your taste buds, instead of the

VaporFi SMOK Nord 2, Novo & Mico Vape FAQs

SMOK Novo, Nord & Mico: Vape FAQs

Reading Time: 8 minutes SMOK is one of the most popular, widely-respected vape brands in the industry, so it’s no surprise that it’s also among the most-asked-about names out there. With so many vapers making the switch to SMOK vape devices every day, there’s plenty of talk surrounding the

What Is Nicotine Salt & Are They Safe - VaporFi

What Is Nicotine Salt & Are They Safe

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you heard of nicotine salts? They are the latest craze hitting the vapor market today, and they show real promise in improving the way vapers experience nicotine in their devices. However, it’s not exactly like it sounds. It’s not that kind of salt, and

Wet Lung From VapingWet Lung from Vaping: a Real Concern or a Sensationalized Report?

Wet Lung from Vaping: a Real Concern or a Sensationalized Report?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently, a shared news report shook the vaping world, which alleged that a woman using an e-cigarette developed an auto-immune disease coined as ‘wet lung.’ The article further explains that the young woman had to have breathing treatments and tubes inserted into her lungs to

What do PG and VG mean in vape juice

What do PG and VG mean in Vape Juice?

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re new to vaping, you have probably gone online to check out all the different vape juices. After all, this is one of the major benefits of vaping rather than smoking. However, there are thousands of different flavor profiles mixed with a range of

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Why is My Vape Turning Dark Brown in The Tank?

Reading Time: 2 minutes [fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″ column_style=”light”][fsn_text] You may have noticed your e-juice getting darker and wondered if that means the juice has gone bad. But there’s a chemical explanation for this color change, and it goes back to our high school chemistry class. Here’s why your vape juice

VaporFi Website & Pricing Update

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello to our VaporFi family! I am humbled to personally connect with you to share some exciting VaporFi news through our vapor blog. Throughout my journey of growing VaporFi, one of the things I have always done on a daily basis, in addition to learning

Why and How to Clean a Vape - VaporFi

Why and How to Clean a Vape

Reading Time: 4 minutes Without trying to sound like an overbearing parent who’s visiting your home for the weekend, you should really clean more. Yes, clean your bathroom more, maybe, but definitely your vaporizer cigarette. Keep reading to learn exactly why and how to clean a vape. Cleaning Vape

How to Fix a Vape Mod That's Not Firing - VaporFi

How to Fix a Vape Mod That’s Not Firing

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vape MOD giving you trouble or not firing? Let VaporFi help you find the right solution to the problem with our helpful troubleshooter! Audrey Durand

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What’s It Like Working at a Vape Shop?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Working in a vape shop is a great way to make some money while surrounding yourself with people who share your interest. Most vape shops offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can interact with people and explore. However, it takes a special kind of person to