synthetic e-liquids

What Are Synthetic and Non-Tobacco E-Liquids?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What Are Synthetic and Non-Tobacco E-Liquids? Throughout vaping’s incredible rise in popularity there have been many truly game-changing inventions and innovations. The latest technology that has seen a meteoric ascent is synthetic/non-tobacco e-liquids. So what are non-tobacco nicotine (aka NTN) e-liquids? Well to explain, we

Best Tobacco Nic Salts - VaporFi

Best Tobacco Nic Salts

Reading Time: 3 minutes What Are Nic Salts?  When shopping liquids for your device, you’ve likely noticed that there are two different types of juices to choose from: the more common freebase nicotine e-liquid and nicotine salt juice (also referred to as nic salt juices).  In short, nic salt

Top 10 Vape Blends for Summer 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Relaxing and Vaping in the Summer There are few things in life better than kicking back on a warm summer night with good friends, ice cold drinks, and smooth pulls from your vape.  But are you really making the most out of your summer vaping

make e-liquid last longer

How to Make E-Liquid Last Longer

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2020 has presented a variety of challenges to the vaping community. With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting the accessibility of in-store vaping products. Many vape stores have been forced to close or limit sales. For people who vape, this presents a challenge as many online shops

October Vape Juice of the month

October Juice & Blend of the Month and Our EJuice Contest Winner!

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a new month and a new round of savings are coming your way, vapers! This month, we’ve got some great juices that are on special, so we hope you’re ready for some new flavor. Read on to see what we’ve got in store for

Choosing the Right Vape Pen Cartridge

Reading Time: 8 minutes One of the defining characteristics of the vape industry is its constantly rapid rate of innovation, with new and exciting products seeming to debut every time you turn around. While there are many positive things to say about the sheer variety of creative products and

September Juice & Blend of the Month and Our EJuice Contest Winner!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello vape fam! It’s that time again: a new month with new deals and we hope you’re up for some fab savings! We know you love great flavor and there’s nothing we love more than doling it out, making it worth your while. There’s all

Vape Juice August

August Juice & Blend of the Month and Our EJuice Contest Winner!

Reading Time: 3 minutes We hope your month of August has kicked off to a bangin’ start! We’ve got some awesome deals on awesome juices coming at ya, so we hope you’re ready for great vaping and great savings. If there’s one thing we love doing, it’s offering mind-blowing

Top Vape Juice Flavors 2019

Top Vape Juice Flavors of 2019

Reading Time: 11 minutes Every vaper knows that as important as a top-performing vape device may be, every mod or pen is really only as good as the e-juice you put in it. If you’ve been vaping for any amount of time, odds are that you don’t just have

June contest winner

Hello, July! Great Deals and Delicious Vape Juice Ahead!

Reading Time: 3 minutes July is upon us, vape fam and we hope you’re ready for a delicious month ahead! Deals galore on vape juice are abound and we cannot wait to share the amazing things we have in store. July’s Blend of the Month, Juice of the Month,