The VaporFi VAIO is part of a new line of all-in-one products from this leading manufacturer. It comes in both 75W and 80W variants. Both devices function similarly with only minor differences in layout and functionality between the two.

Both devices are also very competitive with other all-in-one products on the market.

What Makes a Great All-In-One Device?

All-in-one devices serve two different groups of people. First of all, some people are looking for a self-contained device that doesn’t require significant research or building. The VaporFi VAIO is just that.

The built in tank is a no brainer, and provides plenty of e-liquid capacity to keep you going. The simplified menu options are another perk of this design, making it easy for vapers of any kind to pick up and use without any special training.

Another trait of great all-in-one devices is their ability to serve all vapers equally. Some vapers prefer mouth to lung vaping, while others prefer direct lung. Some vapers want high power, while others enjoy working in the mid-range. All-in-one devices are faced with the difficult task of trying to perform up to expectations even when those expectations vary widely from one person to the next.

What Makes the VaporFi VAIO the Best All-In-One Device?

There is something remarkable about all of the products that come out of VaporFi’s lab. They have taken great care to ensure their products are always well designed and engineered.

Their new VAIO is able to include a built-in tank because they have precision cut the device to be 100% leak free. Their team is also extremely focused on the customer experience. They don’t want their devices to overwhelm newbies. Instead they want all of their products to be equally inviting and enticing. They have made great strides in user friendliness where other manufacturers have faltered.

What’s more, VaporFi has earned a solid reputation for customer service. They always honor their 30-day return policy, and they are more than happy to answer any of your questions over the phone or online if you are having an issue. Their anti-counterfeit team is always working to ensure that customers like you never get stuck with poorly made copies of their products as well.

The 75W vs 80W VAIO

When you really get down to it, there are minimal changes between the 75W and 80W boxes. The extra five watts of power is not a huge deal in the grand scheme, but if you have to choose between the two, it may be worth the extra bang for your buck.

Definitely the most important change between the two is that the 80W also features a built-in battery. VaporFi went with a long-lasting 2100 mAh battery for this design, further eliminating the need to shop around for parts on your own.

2100 mAh is more than enough to keep your VaporFi VAIO rolling throughout the day, and represents a good mid-range battery as compared to some of the 4000 mAh batteries being used in 200W boxes. At this scale, it is more than sufficient and cost effective. By extension, in-line charging abilities have been added so you can continue vaping while you charge.

In other news, the 0.96″ screen stays the same between the two devices, offering tons of TC options and personalized features. It is set flush into the front face of the box with either a black or silver brushed finish. It is a clean looking box without any frills or unnecessary features. A small cut-out window on the back face gives you a view of the tank so you can always see how much e-liquid you have left to go.

Performance wise, both devices do equally well in every available configuration. If you choose to go with a cheaper battery in your 75W VAIO, you will definitely feel the difference with the larger battery in the 80W version. Otherwise, you can expect a smooth and reliable vape all the way through.


VaporFi really prides themselves on the quality and consistency of their devices. They became a staple of the vaping industry early on by setting the bar high enough to keep vapers happy across the board.

When you purchase either the 75W or 80W VaporFi VAIO, you are buying into a piece of a customer-centric company that is always working to give you the very best. Plus, given the popularity of their devices, there is a very large community of vapers willing to give you tips and tricks along the way.