If you’ve ever tried to give up smoking, you know that the holidays can be a significant hurdle. With all the shopping and the preparing to be done, it’s no wonder people struggle to make it through these months nicotine-free. However, a brand new vaporizer can be a great way to herald in the holidays and help relieve some of the stress. That’s why we’ve put together a list of vape gifts that are just perfect for helping your friends and family members stay off the cigarettes for good.

These products are great for gift exchanges and for anyone who is working on a strict holiday budget this year.

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Gifts Under $25

The VaporFi Air 2 is an excellent pen-style vaporizer that contains everything you need to vape in a single package. At right around $20, this is an excellent starting point for anyone who is accustomed to smoking and doesn’t want to take on a complicated vape mods. Likewise, the VaporFi VAIO Mini is a great deal that offers a little more power and flexibility than the Air 2, but at around the same price point.

You can also pick up just about any bottle of e-liquid from VaporFi for less than $25, so you can give your friend a fresh, fun new flavor to experiment with this holiday season. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive holiday-themed releases that will only be around for a limited time. You can even get a 3-pack sampler to hand out as the perfect gift.

Gifts Under $50

There are a wealth of options available in the $50 price range. You will find some all-in-one starter kit bundles that include not just a brand new vaporizer but also a bottle of e-liquid and a handful of helpful accessories. These are ideal gifts because they come as a complete package and the recipient won’t have to go out in search of anything else on their own.

You can choose from either the VAIO Mini bundle or the VaporFi Express bundle, which is more of a cig-a-like and mimics the look and feel of smoking very closely. Also, there are a handful of intermediate level devices in this range such as the Pro 3, which is one of our most popular pen-style vapes.

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Gifts Under $100

From $50 to $100 the world of vaping opens up. You can find a vast selection of premium-quality vaporizers in this range and build your bundle pretty easily. With the help of a local VaporFi representative, you can gauge which products will best suit the needs of your intended recipient to most closely match their vaping style and needs.

This will include choosing a device that will help them make the switch and help them continue growing into vapor over time. The VaporFi VOX 80W TC mod is a perfect example of a device that can help them personalize their vape and ramp up their vaping over time. You can also enjoy some of our specialty e-liquids sold in a bundle at this price point.

Gifts Over $100

If you’re ready to go all in on helping your friend or family member give up cigarettes, then kudos to you. VaporFi has put together a number of incredible bundles that include tons of extra components, accessories and more. They have also created a wonderful Couple’s Bundle that will help any special couple in your life give up cigarettes together!

The Gift Bundle for the Intermediate Vaper is a great way to introduce your favorite would-be vaper to some of the more complex vaping principals that we’ve come to know and love.

No matter what your budget is this holiday season, there are plenty of ways for you to encourage someone to switch to vaping. With these handy bundle deals and inexpensive entry-level vapes, you can support your friends and family through the journey of transitioning away from traditional cigarettes.

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