As the debate between smoking and vaping rages on, the vaping industry is continuing to introduce innovative products that make the smoking process safer. For many years, we have known that nicotine is the harmful addictive substance that makes traditional smoking dangerous. Therefore, one would think that removing nicotine from the e-juices of vaping would automatically result in a much safer vaping process, right?

Well, this is mostly true, but not without some limitations.

For the first time vapers who have never had an addiction to nicotine, vaping without the substance is definitely a safer alternative. And for the seasoned smokers, gradually reducing their nicotine consumption through vaping can present numerous benefits. However, this needs to be done in the right way to avoid exposing nicotine lovers to other potential side effects.

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Vaping Without Nicotine

Vaping without nicotine is the use of vape juices that contain little or no nicotine content. Most vaping flavors come with a nicotine-free option. Vapers use this option to reduce or eliminate their cravings for nicotine. These juices are usually more flavorful because nicotine tends to have a “peppery” taste. Nicotine can be defined as an alkaloid substance that is often derived from tobacco. The substance acts as a stimulant in small doses and as a depressant in large doses. It mostly gets its bad reputation from its addictive properties, causing smokers to consume packs of cigarettes in a single day.

However, the dangers of traditional smoking extend beyond just nicotine. It is the tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals that make smoking a health hazard. Indeed, the tar that is contained in cigarettes tends to coat the surface of the lungs over time and result in various forms of cancer.

On the other hand, vaping is devoid of much of these harmful chemicals and offers vapers the option of removing nicotine from their vaping content. Most medics now agree that vaping is safer than smoking; with some experts expressing that e-cigs can be up to 95% safer.

nicotine-free e-liquid

Potential Side Effects of Vaping without Nicotine

It may seem straightforward that vaping with the best zero nicotine e-juices should be a much safer activity. However, the actual benefits of the practice are still in question across various circles. For smokers who are looking to make the switch to vaping, immediately jumping to nicotine-free vaping can cause them to consume much more e-liquids. This is due to an attempt to compensate for the nicotine content that was previously in traditional cigarettes. The content of e-juices and their health consequences has not been fully established, and there could be potential risks exposed to vapers who consume excessive amounts of these liquids.

For such smokers, it is also likely that the lack of nicotine in the e-juices can cause them to quickly revert back to packets of cigarettes because of the unsatisfying experience. There are also some cases of withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, depression, and anxiety (though rare). It is widely recommended that smokers making the switch to vaping should gradually step down their nicotine content over time to minimize potential side effects.

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How to Gradually Step Down on Nicotine Content

For the safest nicotine-free vaping experience, vapers should not immediately cut down on all nicotine content. Especially when making the switch from smoking to vaping with the best zero nicotine e-juices, start with about 24mg/ml nicotine content in your e-juices. You can then cut down to about 12mg/ml after a few months of vaping, after which you can finally drop to 6mg/ml and so on.

The process takes time, but patience is the key. You should remember that as a former smoker, your body was used to nicotine and it is unlikely that cutting on nicotine content all of a sudden will make you stop taking it altogether. It is also much safer to vape e-juices with relatively high nicotine content than to revert to those pesky cigarettes.

Advantages of Nicotine-Free Vaping

Smoother vaping experience

Most vapers agree that nicotine-free vaping provides a much smoother smoking experience. It is the perfect activity for a downtime session that does not involve the harsh chemicals that are present in cigarettes.

Less throat hit

Throat hit is the feeling that a smoker or vaper feels towards the back of their throat or lungs when vaping. Nicotine content is directly related to the level of throat hit that one can experience. Therefore, nicotine-free vaping causes much less throat hit and reduces the associated health risks.

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Exciting flavors you can try

As you being to embark on the nic free-vaping journey, there are exciting flavors that you can try to make the vaping process fun and engaging. From best vape e-juices with a hint of wild flavors, peppermint, and fruity scents, the options are many to explore.

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