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Fancy Yourself a Vapeologist? 

Contest time, y’all! Wanna get an e-liquid flavor listed permanently with us? Want credit for this flavor of your very own creation? Wanna win 3 FREE bottles of it? Submit your ideas ASAP, and whichever flavor gets selected as the winner, and the most votes…


Am I Allergic to My E-Cig? 

Are you experiencing symptoms that make you think you may be having an allergic reaction to your e-cig?  You may be new to vaping, or perhaps you‘ve been vaping for quite some time and have just recently begun to have issues. Gianna DelmonteGianna Del Monte…

E-Liquid & Custom Blends

Vapor Got Your Tongue? 

Vaper’s tongue, AKA flavor fatigue, are occurrences that only vapers can tell you about. Not pleasant, and utterly annoying, it’s one of the only downsides to using vapor as a preferred method of obtaining nicotine. However, it can be fixed! So what exactly is “vaper’s…

VaporFi Custom E-Liquid
E-Liquid & Custom Blends

Use E-Liquid, Save $ 

If you know anything about using e-liquids over pre-filled cartridges, (the not-so-good old days, right?!) you know that they are WAYYYYY more affordable in every freaking way! However, because we are in this business to ultimately make you (the customer) happier than a kid with…

DIY E-Juice
E-Liquid & Custom Blends

The Fundamentals of DIY E-Juice 

E-juice is now more diverse than ever before, what with so many different companies selling their own specialized flavors. But let’s face it, sometimes this bounty of blends simply doesn’t cut it and we crave a flavor that is truly unique and different. Audrey Durand…

E-Liquid & Custom Blends

What is VG? 

When it comes to e-liquids one thing you will hear a lot about are VG and PG. What these two-letter abbreviations stand for are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol; which are both used in e-liquid bases. Some liquids are made entirely with one or the other,…

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