young-woman-smoking-electronic-cigaretteQuitting cigarettes can be tough. Really tough. According to Boston Globe Media, it might be harder than ever to quit smoking cigarettes since companies are making them more dangerous than ever and certain products potentially contain up to 599 addictive substances. Yikes.

So if you’re trying to steer clear of cigarettes and switching to e-cigs instead, here are a few tips to help keep yourself on the smoke-free wagon:

•  Educate and Re-educate Yourself. Remind yourself why you’re making the hard decision to stop smoking. While knowledge of the health risks alone might not be able to keep you from going back to your pack of smokes, remembering why you’re doing (and perhaps who you’re doing it for) may help make the choice between reaching for your vaporizer vs. your cigarettes an easier one. It’ll be worth it!

•  Have a Back-Up.  Buy everything in twos! After all, there’s a reason e-cig starter packs typically comes with doubles! Charge one battery while using the other and order two of bottle of e-liquid instead of just restocking one. Make sure that you’re prepared for whatever happens, so you can put up your best fight when those urges to grab a cigarette strike.

•  Change-Up Your E-Liquid Flavors. Find flavors that entertain your taste buds! As you may or may not know, smoking destroys your sense of taste and smell, so the longer you’re not smoking the better your food, drinks, and e-liquid will taste. Tobacco flavors are always a good idea for beginners, but it will never be quite the same as real tobacco so don’t be afraid to branch out to any of the fun fruity flavors that strike your fancy. If you’re looking for quality e-liquids that are packed with flavor, browse our selection of over 30,000 flavors.

•  Vary Nicotine Levels. Luckily, the amount of nicotine in e-liquid is adjustable from anywhere from zero to 36 or even 42 mg/ml. Determining your nicotine level is a balancing act, but most people who are making the switch from cigarettes start with a higher level of nicotine in the beginning to match their cigarette nicotine consumption. Keep in mind that nicotine from an e-cig absorbs significantly slower than nicotine from a cigarette. So on your first couple vapes if you don’t feel the relief hitting yet, give it time – even up to half an hour.

•  Seriously, Have a Back-Up.  Seriously. Have doubles and keep them accessible.

It can be hard to make “The Switch,” but VaporFi can help with quality electronic cigarettes and tasty e-liquids. Check out our other resources for gaining the upper hand on smoking from our online blog and knowledge center.