tobacco filled e-cigarette

As more people ditch their lighters and make the switch to e-cigarettes, Big Tobacco companies are starting to feel the pinch. People’s changing attitudes about tobacco cigarettes and the effects of smoking are helping to drive forward the relatively young market.

In fact, the number of American smokers that attempt to quit smoking each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is roughly 21 million.

In order to capitalize on the profits being drawn in by e-cigarette products, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies is now jumping onboard the vaping train – well, their version of it anyway…

This past November, Philip Morris released a Marlboro-style e-cigarette in Japan, then Italy. They are calling their new device the Marlboro HeatStick. Like other e-cigarette brands that use small, pre-filled cartridges to deliver vaporized nicotine liquid, Marlboro HeatSticks have cartridges that heat at varying degrees.

However, the main difference between HeatSticks and e-cigarettes already on the market is that the former still uses tobacco in their product rather than nicotine liquid.

By offering these hybrids between conventional cigarettes and next-generation e-cigarettes, Philip Morris hopes that using actual tobacco will make their product more appealing to tobacco smokers.

You might be surprised to learn that this isn’t the first time Philip Morris has developed a smokeless tobacco product. They were two decades too early the first time around though, and their prototype alternative smoking device did not go over well with smokers due to its difficulty of use and unfavorable taste.

Philip Morris’ HeatSticks are one of the first such devices to be manufactured by Big Tobacco, but they certainly aren’t the first or only choice when it comes to dry herb vaporizer.  Similar devices have been circulating the market for years now. However, rather than using a prefilled cartridge containing tobacco like the HeatStick, most dry herb vaporizers have an open compartment which you can fill with your own concoction of herbs.

One of the most popular products like this on the market is VaporFi’s Orbit dry herb vaporizer.

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