Vaping at Work: Rules and Etiquette

It recently has come to our attention that many people in the vapor community are struggling to reach an understanding with their employers about vaping issues. Here at VaporFi, we decided that this issue needs to be addressed by educating people on both sides of the issue about vapor products and how they impact us at work.

While vaping at work may seem like a natural substitute for smoking, there are many negative stereotypes about vaping that could be pushing employers to ban these devices.

Information for Employers

If you’ve noticed your employees walking around with vaporizer devices, fear not. These devices have actually proven successful at helping people give up cigarettes. The fact that your employees are using these devices shows that they are taking steps to reduce their dependence on nicotine and improve their health.

For companies that provide health insurance benefits, their effort to quit smoking can actually represent quite a cost savings long term.

However, it can also do a lot to improve the environment of your work space. For instance, secondhand vapor is harmless and does not cause the permanent smoke smell and staining that are associated with smoking traditional cigarettes.

In addition, vaporizers produce minimal waste, so there will be fewer cigarette butts collecting in your smoking areas or parking lots. There are a number of other reasons that you should support vapers with policies that help them move away from cigarettes rather than hindering their progress.

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Office Vaping Etiquette

In an effort to make vaporizers less bothersome to all parties at the office, it is important that every vaper understands proper vaping etiquette. First and foremost, we don’t recommend vaping indoors at work, especially in shared office spaces where your candy and dessert scented vapor may not be welcome.

On the other hand, vapers are proactively trying to get away from the health risks of traditional cigarettes, so forcing them to vape right next to smokers where they are still in range of secondhand smoke can be counterproductive.

Given that secondhand vapor is harmless to bystanders, we encourage employers to allow vaporizer use in other outdoor areas where the user is not subject to cigarette smoke.

Vapers should also respect other vapers’ space at work and do their part to pick up after themselves. Vapers should support one another, but not try to outdo one another with cloud chasing or comparing devices.

Most importantly, vapers should not provide uninvited sermons to smokers who are not interested in quitting. This can be taken as harassment.

Supporting Your Team Members on Their Journey

Employers can help their team members give up smoking by providing vapor-friendly company policies. By recognizing that vaporizers play a positive role in the effort to stop smoking, you can see why so many hard-working individuals have chosen vapor over traditional cigarettes.

While vaping in the workplace may have caused some questions from those in management, it is no reason to be alarmed. Companies should be proud to have employees who are taking their health seriously.

We hope that this information has provided a strong foundation for discussing the pros and cons of vaping with employers and employees. We hope that you can use these talking points to frame future conversations about company policy.

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Gianna Del Monte is the Brand Manager at VaporFi. She has been in the vaping industry since June 2015 and has extensive experience in successfully managing and marketing a variety of new vapor product launches. Originally from New Jersey, Gianna has lived in the Miami area for the last 5 years.

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