VaporFi 2015 Predictions2014 has been an awesome, fantastic, vapor-loaded year! Both for the industry as well as VaporFi, we’ve experienced some truly phenomenal moments. We’ve seen our number of stores grow tremendously, as we have expanded throughout the state of Florida, into other parts of the country, opened our first international location in Panama, and have introduced countless products that have taken vaping innovation to new heights! It really has been great!

We’ve seen “vape” get added to the English lexicon, and have seen vape shops open in just about every neighborhood. The FDA even joined in the conversation this year by addressing the fact that some (moderate) regulations were necessary.

So, as we bid adieu to 2014, here’s what we are expecting to be a bigger focus in the coming year.

-Innovations will keep innovating. As an industry driven by innovation, we expect things to be even more high-tech and advanced in the coming year. Vape geeks love technology, and this industry is built on it!

-More newbies. More and more smokers switch to vaping all the time, and we expect this to be a recurring trend with more and more smokers turning to vaping than ever before. As the products have now been around for more than half a decade, more people are seeing the value in the concept. Also along these lines, more beginners will be turning to higher performing models, such as advanced vaporizers and mods and less interested in cig-a-likes due to the growing popularity.

-More vape shops. Vape shops have become so popular because vaping is everywhere. Need drives business, and vapor shops fill the demand.

-Big tobacco won’t go down without a big fight. While tobacco gets phased out, tobacco companies will be doing even more to stay afloat and trying to keep up with vapor.

-More science, less speculation. There will be more info coming from the scientific communities, and less debate fueled by speculation.

2014 has seen the industry as a whole experience many changes for the better, with advancements happening at a speedy rate and more acceptance occurring for electronic cigarettes in general. We really look forward to things evolving positively, and all the ways the industry will be improving in the coming year! As they say, new year, new slate!