WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Coastal Clouds HHC CBN HHC-P Disposable

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  • 1 x Coastal Clouds HHC CBN HHC-P Disposable

VaporFi welcomes you to a vaping experience like no other with the Coastal Clouds HHC CBN HHC-P Disposable. Prepare to be amazed as Coastal Clouds, the maestros of vaping innovation, present a masterpiece that will leave you in awe.

Coastal Clouds' dedication to flavor perfection shines through in every puff of the HHC CBN HHC-P Disposable. Each puff is a symphony of flavor, a harmonious blend meticulously crafted by the Coastal Clouds' artisans. Immerse yourself in a world of complexity and depth, where every inhalation takes you on a journey of discovery.

But there's more to this vaping marvel! Coastal Clouds has expertly infused their creation with the power of HHC, CBN, and HHC-P -- unlocking a realm of relaxation and tranquility. Feel the worries of the day fade away as you enter a state of calm bliss.

Eager to elevate your vaping journey? VaporFi encourages you to add the Coastal Clouds HHC CBN HHC-P Disposable to your shopping cart and prepare for a vape adventure that will redefine your expectations!

Specs & Features

  • Internal 550mAh Battery
  • HHC: 1.55 grams
  • CBN: .27 grams
  • HHC-P: .02 grams
  • Terpenes: .16 grams

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