WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VaporFi Tips & Tricks

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better

  • Read your manual thoroughly. Seriously, when you get your starter kit, you need to take the time to get to know your products on a first-name basis.
  • If you want further info, perhaps a demo, check out the VaporFi Instructional Videos. They are great for any visual referencing you need!
  • Experiment! Vaporizers offer the advantage of variety, if you don't try out our different flavors and nicotine levels, you are missing out. The possibilities are vast. We cannot stress this enough, VaporFi offers so many different options and choices when it comes to cutting edge technology and full flavor.
  • Take flavor experimentation to the next level, play around with different drag styles. It seems crazy in thought, but different flavors just taste better with different puffing techniques! Rich flavors taste better with a long, savoring draw, while fruity and sweet flavors taste better with a swift yet deep draw.
  • Prime your cartomizers by taking a couple of quick long drags. Want the best performance, vapor production and the longest lifetime possible? Prime it!
  • If it seems like your battery is not producing the amount of vapor you think it should be, it may need to be charged.

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  • Remember to charge your batteries before they get really low, or sink to the depths of 0%. This will help maintain your batteries' lifespan overall, and can contribute to better performance in general.
  • When puffing on your e-cig, take long, slow puffs; between 1-3 seconds, not the short, quick, gaspy puffs you were accustomed to with traditional cigarettes. Find the right balance though; puffs that are too quick are not adequate, and dragging for too long can overheat the e-liquid.
  • Accessories are your friends, make sure you have a good assortment of them to make the most of your vaping as well as your time.
  • Don't mix your products. Safety first, yo. Putting it simply, if your battery/charger/cartomizer is not specifically made to work with other products, don't go playing around. We encourage you to freely use your products and get creative in certain circumstances, but not following directions can lead to trouble. And no one wants that when vaping.
  • Dust is lame; it's problematic to proper functioning, so try to keep your battery or cartomizer clear of it.
  • If you encounter an unwanted, unpleasant, or adverse reaction to our products, we suggest lowering your nicotine level, or choosing NO nicotine. Sadly, if that does not help, we suggest discontinuing use of these products, and heading in for a visit to your physician.

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