WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Get plugged into the right way to power you vapor cigarette

A good "pro/con" list can help you sort through almost any tough decision. Trying to decide where to eat? Make a pro/con list. Whether to buy that car? Pro/con list. Who to vote for? You get the idea. It isn't often that we are presented with a totally obvious choice, which is why we regularly have to weigh the good against the bad and see which one wins out.

One such dilemma in the vapor smoking community is the debate between automatic vapor cig batteries vs. manual switch devices. Which type of battery you use to power your device determines much more than just how your vapor cigarette gets electricity; it also has a significant effect on its overall performance.

So to help you make the best choice for you, here are the differences you should know about manual vs. automatic batteries, as well as the pros and cons of using each.

Automatic Switch

In vapor cigs powered by automatic batteries, the heating element is engaged whenever a user takes a drag. Automatic batteries have a built in switch that activates each time you pull from the device. Automatics are by far the more popular battery type among beginners as they more closely mirror the look and feel of traditional smoking.

Of course, there are both pluses and minuses to consider:


  • Automatics are more user-friendly for beginners since it functions much like a traditional cigarette
  • Lower battery consumption, which means you can vape for longer between charges
  • Allows vapor cig users to blend in more easily since it can be mistaken for smoking to the untrained eye


  • Automatic batteries are not sealed and therefore are more susceptible to e-liquid leaks
  • The device must sometimes be warmed up, or "primed," before use—a process where you take a couple of short, shallow draws before inhaling
  • An automatic cutoff after 5-6 seconds, limiting the frequency of drags per minute

Manual Switch

In contrast, manual batteries are activated when a user pushes down a small button located on the outside of the battery. At first, it can be a hassle to remember to activate the battery before you take a drag, but once you get into the habit of pushing down the button it quickly become natural. Because they give vapor cig users greater control, manual switch batteries are generally the more preferred option among experienced vapor smokers.

As with automatics, there are several advantages and disadvantages to powering your vapor cigarette with a manual battery:


  • A sealed battery reduces the risk of e-liquid leaks, so even if you accidentally overfill the cartomizer it won't damage the device
  • More control over the frequency and duration of your drags
  • Device does not have to be primed for full vapor production


  • Battery life can be lower than automatics unless you get a high-capacity battery
  • Doesn't mimic traditional smoking as much and may take some time getting used to
  • Manually powered vapor cigs may run out of e-liquid sooner than automatics since users can take more drags

Accidentally Engaging Your Vapor Cig

For both automatics and manuals, something you should watch out for is accidentally engaging the battery when you don't want to. Since manual batteries have a button on the outside, it is easy for the device to get turned on without realizing it, which drains the battery faster. This tends to happens more often when vapor cigarette are kept in pockets or purses.

Although not as common, automatic batteries can also be "tricked" into engaging the heating coil under certain conditions. For instance, a booming base at a club or concert, strong wind or pressure changes can fool the battery into thinking you are taking a drag when you aren't. While this doesn't pose any kind of danger, it will sap your battery of power in a hurry.

To prevent accidentally engaging your vapor cig's battery, we recommend storing the device in safe and secure carrying case. Check out our wide selection of vapor cigarette accessories for some ideas.

VaporZone Batteries

Here at VaporZone, we cater to the experienced vapor smoker and the beginner who is looking for next level, high-quality vapor cigarette technology. Therefore, most of our advanced vapor cig models come with a premium manual battery setup.

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