WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


The perfect vape doesn't exist. What we mean by that is that if you asked different e-smokers what their definition of the perfect vape is, their answers would be as varied as the weather. In other words, there's no "magic formula" or one-fits-all recipe for achieving vaping perfection.

Some e-smokers enjoy fruit flavored e-liquid, others prefer tobacco flavors. Some like juice that's heated to a precise wattage to maximize throat hit and strength, others are all about getting those massive vape clouds that you see in YouTube videos and from other e-smokers.

This last group is referred to as "cloud chasers", and it is a fast-growing trend among e-smokers. Unfortunately, though, when negligent or inexperienced e-smokers attempt cloud chasing, device failures and serious accidents can occur.

Dangers of Sub-Ohm Vaping

If you don't know what you are doing, tampering with an electronic cigarette in order to try and get bigger vapor can result in permanent damage to the device, or even worse, you. This scenario has happened on numerous occasions, and it is one of the reasons why electronic cigarettes have been given a bad rap.

In their quest to get the biggest vapor output possible, cloud chasers often turn to a process called "sub-ohm vaping." When a person sub-ohm vapes, they are essentially pushing the limits of their battery. If they don't accurately calculate the drain rate for the e-cig battery , then the power load can exceed its limitations, causing the device to overheat, melt, and (in extreme cases) explode.

That is why we strongly advise that new e-smokers NEVER manually alter a battery's resistance level - it's simply not worth the risk. Even if you are an experienced vaper who has a thorough understanding of things like various limitations of batteries and the load capacity of your device's battery, you still need to be cautious. Sub-ohm vaping is inherently dangerous and it should not be attempted carelessly.

Fortunately, sub-ohm vaping isn't the only way to get big vapor out your electronic cigarette. If you are looking to increase your vapor output, here are three safe alternatives for doing so: 

1. High VG Ratio

E-smokers who want to increase vapor production can create their own custom e-liquid with a high percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG). While PG gives a stronger throat hit, VG captures moisture from the air better and creates larger vapor plumes. So the more VG you have in your e-liquid, the bigger the cloud you'll get.

A drawback to this approach is VG isn't as conducive to strong flavors. Ultimately, you may have to decide what you want: big flavor or big vapor?

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2. Low Ohm Coils

Vaping with a device that has a lower ohm coil is another way to increase your vapor production. Coils with lower ohms have less resistance, meaning they get hotter, quicker. This allows you to burn through e-liquid faster, giving you more of the vapor output you are wanting.

An obvious downside to this technique is that you will run out of e-liquid sooner. So if you are on a budget, this may not be the best option for you.

3. Low Nicotine Strengths

Lastly, e-smokers can try direct pulls to get better control over their vapor output. "Direct pulling" is when a user inhales directly from the mouthpiece at the same time they are breathing into their lungs, which allows greater amounts of vapor to be inhaled and exhaled per pull.

If the nicotine strength of your e-liquid is too strong, direct pulling can be harsh and cause a burning sensation. Lowering the nicotine level to 0.6%-1.2% should allow you to comfortably pull as much vapor as your lungs can hold.

Don't let others fool you by saying they've come up with the "perfect vape." Only you can decide that for yourself. Whether you want big clouds of e-vapor, or a more inconspicuous and flavorful electronic cigarette, let VaporFi supply you with all of your vaping needs. 

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