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Why Your E-Cigarette Hates to Be Too Hot or Too Cold

If you've been a vaper even for just a minute, you probably already feel like your e-cig is your "best bud" or "your baby." That said, it's obviously important to you and something that you want to take care of, which is why you would never leave your baby in a hot car or in the freezing cold. In case you didn't know, extreme temperatures are not good for your e-cigarette in any way whatsoever.

E-cigs are actually a fairly durable devices. However, one critical part of the device that you must not expose to these temps is the lithium-ion battery. These types of batteries are also found in laptops and cellphones, which we already know should never be left in extreme temperatures, rain or heavy moisture environments.

(Visit our Knowledge Center to learn about 6 money-saving tips to prolonging the lifespan of your e-cigarette battery.)

If a battery is left in extreme temperature conditions, it may quit working altogether, become very sluggish and barely function, melt, warp or even explode in rare occasions.

Below are some suggestions on what you should definitely NOT do to your e-cigarette...

  • Never leave it in a hot car.  You may think, "Oh, it will be fine because it's only 80 degrees outside."  However, I think we all know how hot the inside of a car can get and in a hurry!  It might be 80 outside, but it is probably pushing 100 degrees in a car with the windows rolled up and the sunshine baring down on it!
  • Never leave it in freezing temperatures.  Taking a puff of your e-cig out on the porch while watching the snow fall peacefully is acceptable. However, leaving it outside or using it as the pipe for the snowman you created is not.  Your e-cig can (and will) freeze!
  • Don't leave in the rain. There may be times you are enjoying your e-cigarette when all of the sudden a rain storm bursts out of nowhere.  It might be okay for a minute, but do whatever you can to get your device out of the wet weather.  These batteries can't handle wet weather conditions.
  • Don't vape in shower or sauna.  You might think this suggestion is obvious, but you'd be surprised!  Humidity and moisture can completely damage your battery.  So while the thought of vaping in the hot tub may seem relaxing, be aware that you are taking a big of a chance of ruining your e-cig if you choose to do so.

It is worth keeping in mind that electronic cigarettes should be kept in moderate temperatures ranging between 14 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, it is best not to keep them too long in either extreme of that range.

Perhaps you are reading this because you are interested in learning more about e-cigarettes and deciding if this is a possibility for you.  We encourage you to continue to browse our website and gain knowledge on the many Vapor Fi products available.

As you search our site, you will be amazed at the variety of awesome e-liquid combinations that you can enjoy!

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