WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

When it comes to creating an awesome e-juice blend, it's not rocket science.

Chemistry might be a little closer to the mark, but even that is overstating it. After all, e-juice only has three base ingredients: nicotine, PG/VG, and flavoring.

But while it may be relatively easy to come up with an e-juice blend that tastes good, it is a little more difficult to create a custom "game-changer" mixture that is just the right fusion of ingredients.

Difficult, yes. Impossible?—never.
Here are a few tips on how to create your very own winning e-juice blend:

Aim High, Start Low

Certain flavors are stronger in smaller doses than others, and mixing multiple flavors becomes even more of a challenge since flavors often taste different when mixed together. This trips many people up when they first start mixing.

A typical bottle of e-juice contains anywhere from 5% to 20% flavoring —however, some tobacco flavors only need 1% to 3%. (Note: When using more than one flavor, this percentage would be of the total of all flavors combined.) Ultimately, you won't know what your ideal dosage is until you've sampled different strengths.

At VaporFi, we call these single shots and double shots.
Also, to save money, order small quantities of e-juice until you find one that you really like. It's a waste to pay for a box of e-juice that you end up hating, so buy small while you're perfecting your ideal blend.

Narrow Down Your Options

With VaporFi, you have over 30,000 possible flavor combinations. Needless to say, that's a lot of options! Rather than getting overwhelmed at all the possibilities, start by honing in on the e-cig taste you are generally looking for. 

For instance, do you like sweet or tobacco flavors more? What about menthol? Before getting into the specific ingredients, first pick a general category of e-juice that suits you best, such as:

  • Tobacco flavors
  • Menthol flavors
  • Dessert flavors
  • Fruit flavors
  • And others...

Once you've narrowed down the general type of blend, then you can start picking out your favorite ingredients.

Don't Forget About the Nicotine

Besides flavor, a couple of other ingredients will affect taste of your e-juice. For instance, the amount of nicotine in a blend can determine how intense the throat hit will be. Nicotine also helps with cravings, and certain flavors stand out more depending on the strength of nicotine. Nicotine levels come in a myriad of concentrations ranging from none at all (0%) to bold (3.6%).

What it ultimately boils down to is personal preference. If you aren't completely satisfied by the e-juice's throat hit, then play around with the nicotine level to find the perfect mix.

Write It Down

Lastly, once you've finally found the most awesome blend you can think of, remember to write down the exact mixtures so you can duplicate it. There's nothing worse than having a great idea, only to forget what it was.

Test Other Winning Flavors

If you're having "e-juice block" and can't think of any potentially great flavor combinations, then browse through our collection of top e-juice blends and give one a whirl. You just can't go wrong with blends like ChocoJava (chocolate infused coffee), Tobaccolicious (tobacco mixed with vanilla and caramel), and Peaches N' Crème (exactly as good as it sounds).

Try these great flavors and others for yourself by visiting VaporFi online or stopping by one of our Central and South Florida locations.