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We have been really impressed with Vaporfi and their brilliant products. They continue to bring out one great product after the other. We love the fact they have such a broad range of e-cigarettes, perfect for beginners and more serious vapers alike. Combine this with some seriously high quality US made eliquids and outstanding customer service and warranty, and you get one of the best vaping companies in the world. We look forward to trying more Vaporfi products in the future!

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If you’re after a well-designed, powerful TC mod the VaporFi VEX 150 TC is definitely worth a look. After testing this mod is now a permenant player in our daily rotation of mods. VaporFi knows how to make good quality hardware, but this is so far beyond its usual standards it beggars belief.

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We Vape Mods have collaborated with Vaporfi to provide you with some huge discounts. First discount is $10 off your first order for all new customers. No need for a coupon code as this will be automatically applied to your purchase on checkout, just make sure you have at least $100 worth of vape gear in your basket to qualify.

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High-Powered Machine – Perfect For Sub Ohm Cloud Chasing, The VaporFi™ Vox 50 has been released, and has been very well received. If you're looking to get into sub-ohm vaping and create big vapor clouds, this is your baby. Not all such mods are as reliable as a VaporFi device, however. Customers rely on this company to supply only the best products and provide a 6-month warranty to prove it.

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VaporFi is one of the top premium e-liquid brands. VaporFi is best known for custom juices and their gourmet Grand Reserve collection. VaporFi uses kosher, better than food grade bases as well as top quality nicotine and glycerin. All their e-juices are free of Diacetyl. Such a wide range of options means even very obscure tastes are catered to. If a max VG juice with classic tobacco, cotton candy, and pomegranate passion flavorings is what you want then VaporFi is the only place you're going to find it.

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If you're in need of more power from your e-cig, go with the VaporFi Pulse starter kit. It comes with two 750mAh batteries and two reliable clearomizers that are so easy to fill, a caveman could do it.
Their e-liquid can compare with some of the premium brands as it is smooth and flavorful and available at a slightly lower cost per mL than many others.


VaporFi company was born out of a need in the market for higher standards, better made products, and being able to serve the customers a higher caliber set of options when it comes to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers.

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VaporFi is by far one of the leading companies in e-vaping. They truly believe in quality, manufacturing a wide range of high-end e-cigarettes and catering to the novice and the connoisseur alike. A solid choice, with products to fit every budget and every style of vaping, you will not go wrong with choosing VaporFi.

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Vaporfi is one of the exceptions. They were one of the first to notice consumer's preference towards personal vaporizers and e-liquids as opposed to cig-a-like starter kits and so they started to invest in the research and development of some of the most technologically advanced products back then.


Vaporfi is a very large online vape shop offering a variety of vape devices, pens, juice, accessories, starter kits, and more! They offer shoppers access to products from the biggest brands and also help new vape users with guides and instructional video on where to start. Out of all the brands we've reviewed, they have some of the most competitive pricing and best promotions.


With the ability to fire up to 150 watts, with two removable 18650 batteries, the VEX 150 TC can fire any sub-ohm tank or RDA at optimal power. The VEX 150 offers a 510-threaded, spring-loaded center pin allows for a plethora of dripper-style tanks and a wide variety of sub-ohm tanks

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Ex-smokers are a huge focal point of VaporFi's business, which we love. You can tell they put a lot of energy into designing devices that are easy to use for smokers looking to become ex-smokers. We love that about VaporFi. Through all the hype about ridiculously high wattage devices, they've stayed true to their brand and have been making devices that are saving lives.

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With great power, comes great responsibility…The Vox 50 is a variable voltage/variable wattage device that knocks your watts off. The device allows you to control the power you give your device, ensuring for a powerful throat hit (or enormous clouds). The OLED digital screen makes it easy to control and monitor the power volume. The OLED screen will also give you a low voltage and high voltage warning, and the device serves to give you protection against resistance below 0.2 ohms. You can use the Vox 50 with resistances as low 0.2 ohms and all the way as high as 3.0 ohms. The Vapor quality and the vapor flavors' max output current of the Vox 50 is 22 amps. You won't find a better vaping experience if you choose to buy this baby!

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Vaporfi is an Online Store to a wide range of vapers: From those who want to quit smoking. To advanced Ecig-Hobbyists. From those, who are sick of cheaply made and lame-performing e-cigs. To Vape lovers, who want a huge range of high quality products.This sets VaporFi apart from other e-cig online stores and brands. Their incredibly high standard and customer service are simply fantastic.


VaporFi is an American electronic cigarettes brand. In the last few years, this brand has built a strong reputation among e-smokers across the world. VaporFi offers a very innovative and sleek design across all of its electronic cigarettes. Moreover, the company uses the purest form of e-liquid, specifically designed in the United States

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The Vaporfi Volt has a number of custom features including; signature lime-green O-rings, larger juice holes on the RBA, and a different insulator material that seems to eliminate the leaking issue associated with the Subtank Mini. The kit from VaporFi also comes with a 30ml bottle of e-juice, which adds to the total value. Meanwhile, the U.S. firm of Vaporfi offers both a 30-day money back guarantee and a 90-day warranty, making the Volt one of the best sub ohm tanks on the market today.

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VaporFi is one of the best online vape shops with a lot of happy customers. If you are a beginner looking for vape starter kits or experienced vapors in need of best vape mods, VaporFi satisfies all of your needs.


We love the VaporFi VEX 150 TC because of its sleek design, long battery life and ability to fire any atomizer or tank on the market. If you buy the starter kit, you get to select one of two great sub-ohm tanks — or a rebuildable atomizer — and create your own customized e-liquid blend out of 30,000 possible flavor combinations. The VaporFi VEX 150 TC is truly a luxurious device for sub-ohm vaping.


Why are so many people turning to Vaporfi as their source of e juice? You can see that they care about what they do, about customer safety, and the flavors they are creating here. Not wishing to be control freaks, the company encourages customers to create their own blends, yet keep their hands clean at the same time. With so many flavors to choose from, there's a good chance you could select a flavor every day and not run out of choices all year.