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VaporFi Electronic Cigarette Commercial ‘Shakes Up’ the Super Bowl

South Florida e-cig retailer airs TV ad developed by students for a prime local spot during the 48 Super Bowl

Miami, FL – February 14, 2014 - More than 111 million viewers worldwide tuned in to watch the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Feb. 2. Viewers in the Miami/south Florida market also got an eyeful of the electronic cigarette company VaporFi's "3 is a good number, but 30,000 is even better" commercial. VaporFi (VaporFi.com) is a Miami Lakes based retailer of customizable electronic cigarettes, flavored nicotine-infused liquids and more. The 30-second spot, which aired during one of the year's most high profile events, was chosen from among 30 pitches from students at the prestigious Miami Ad School.

The commercial shows two men standing at a public restroom urinal. A young man standing on the right is seen making a "shaking" gesture with his hands. Viewers cannot see what the he is shaking, which leads many to wonder. When the young man turns to face the camera, viewers see he is shaking the VaporFi "Pro" electronic cigarette filled with flavored nicotine liquid. It also depicts how three of these flavors can be blended into at least 30,000 different combinations. The spot concludes with a confused yet intrigued look on the other person in the restroom.

"Our main goal with the ad was the come up with something that would get people talking about this alternative and revolutionary way to enjoy smoking," commented Nick Molina, CEO of VaporFi's parent company International Vapor Group. "We also wanted to tap into the vast pool of creativity offered by students at the Miami Ad School, and give them an opportunity to showcase their talents in this emerging industry."

Creative and humorous commercials like VaporFi's spot are as much a part of the Super Bowl event as the game itself. Unlike prior years though, more and more advertisements for electronic cigarette companies aired both nationally and in local markets like Miami during the Super Bowl. This year's Super Bowl was the most watched TV event in U.S. history.

"We're definitely seeing electronic cigarettes rise in prominence to the point where they're being advertised on what's undoubtedly the biggest event aired live on TV. We're proud and excited to play a part in establishing a smoking alternative that's satisfying and not as harmful as traditional smoking," explains Molina.

The commercial can be viewed on VaporFi's YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/vaporfi. To learn more about electronic cigarettes, alternative smoking and VaporFi products, visit VaporFi.com, call toll-free (855) 93-VAPOR (855-938-2767) or visit one of VaporFi's two locations in the greater-Miami area.

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VaporFi is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc. and they are on a mission to change the way people smoke. VaporFi's two Miami e-cigarette outlets South Miami and the Miami International Mall and its online store cater to a wide range of e-smokers, from those curious about ditching tobacco to advanced techies who are the true hobbyists. E-smokers, also known as vapers, enjoy a vast selection of customized electronic cigarette devices and up to 30,000 different nicotine flavor combinations. VaporFi represents one of the most advanced smokeless cigarette devices on the market today. Learn more by visiting VaporFi.com.

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