WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Jackson Hendricks
Jackson Hendricks
General Vape Expert

Jackson Hendricks is a Sante Fe born-and-bred native who found his knack for vaping and keeping up with the best vape technologies after a years-long search for viable, cost-effective alternatives to smoking. With a background in journalism and agriculture that coupled immediately and effectively with a desire to help others find their way to new methods of smoking, his knowledge of the best ways to vape continues to grow with the development of new acquisitions and offerings from VaporFi.

A former smoker himself, Jackson began to understand the ways that vaping could shift the cultural landscape of smoking alternatives with a passion that only those on the forefront of the industry could understand, thereby positioning his relationship with researching the vaping market into a place that continues to investigate and inform, keeping new and current vapers up to date with the latest devices, trends, health updates, and current regulations that edge the industry forward. Jackson’s personal goals for working with VaporFi involve keeping former smokers involved in knowing the best alternatives to smoking, as well as updating the current and incoming waves of vapers with the latest details surrounding products, gear, and accessories that make vaping the most viable and cost-effective option for nicotine delivery systems. 

Jackson believes in the power of vaping by promoting its ease of use, but coupling it with its power to help those looking to quit– the vaping market continues to evolve in ways that move nearly too quickly for everyday customers to keep up with, but he keeps a thorough radar on the shifting trends and laws that surround this still-developing technology. While not involved in the development of new devices and accessories himself, Jackson believes that his journalistic abilities– as well as his knowledge of the tobacco plant industry– will help keep others informed of the latest and greatest products that aim to usher in this new and continually-growing arena. 

As VaporFi’s go-to vape expert for the general state of the market, he continues to inform our team and our customers alike of products that help move the vaping industry forward into safer, more secure, and more efficient means of vaping. We encourage customers to keep up with Jackson’s updates, as each one is bound to be packed with new and useful knowledge for the nascent, casual, and veteran vaper to take advantage of. 

Stay updated with Jackson Hendricks’ ever-expanding journey into vaping culture and technology by checking into VaporFi’s blog posts regularly– his insight into new products and the industry-at-large may surprise you– and you just might end up finding your next favorite vape because of his research. By keeping VaporFi customers updated with the latest additions and tips involving each and every device and accessory onsite, our team is more capable of providing goods that work for everyone’s expectations. Keep an eye out for Jackson’s regular updates to stay in the know about new gear, changes in inventory, and updates onsite that are bound to change the way you vape from here on out.