Best Drip Tips for Your Vape: 2019 Edition

A drip tip is a basic piece of vape equipment, with a huge number of variations to choose from according to your vape style, preferences, and more. While this small vape accessory might seem like an inconsequential part of your overall vape set-up, it can actually have a big impact on the quality of your vape experience. Plus, with so many colors and patterns available, drip tips can be a fun way to customize the look of your vape to suit your personal sense of style.

The VaporFi team has put together a quick and handy guide to drip tips, breaking down everything you need to know about the must-have vape accessory, including our top ten best drip tips of 2019. We took on the task of researching the best drip tips on the market today, saving you the time and effort of digging through product reviews yourself. Once you’ve finished this guide, you’ll be a drip tip expert and ready to pick the perfect one for you.

What is a Drip Tip?

A drip tip is a small vape accessory, used in place of the traditional cartomizer or cartridges often paired with vape devices. The name “drip tip” comes from their original function, allowing vapers to manually drip their vape juice through the drip tip and directly onto the wicks and coils (a vape technique known simply as “dripping”). Even though many of today’s drip tips can be used on non-dripper tanks, the original name is here to stay. Usually, drip tips are an easy, inexpensive way to change up the look and feel of your vape experience.

510 Drip Tips and 810 Drip Tips: What’s the Difference?

When you’re shopping for drip tips, you’ll generally notice that they are labeled as one of two primary types: 510 and 810. These are the two most common drip tip sizes, with each one designed to serve the needs of a specific type of draw (mouth-to-lung versus direct-to-lung). A 510 tip is fairly narrow, while an 810 is on the wider side.

For years, the 510 drip tip was the choice of most vapers. However, today’s 510 drip tips are usually used for restricted lung and mouth-to-lung vaping. While you can find 510 drip tips that have a slightly wider center channel (bore) than others, the average size is about 8.5 mm in diameter, measured at the base.

The 810 drip tip style first emerged as a popular pairing for RDAs, earning a reputation for their ability to support serious vapor production. An 810 drip tip will generally have a much wider bore than a 510, with a base that measures 12.5 mm on average. For sub-ohm vapers and drippers, an 810 drip tip is usually their go-to option.

Best Drip Tips of 2019

Ready to add a few new drip tips to your collection? Here are our picks for the best options on the market this year. 

VaporFi Marble Drip Tip (Wide Bore) VaporFi Marble Drip Tip (Wide Bore)

1. VaporFi Marble Drip Tip (Wide Bore):

Compatible with a great selection of top VaporFi tanks, the VaporFi Marble Drip Tip (Wide Bore) adds a perfect touch of class to your everyday vape. Choose from five different color options, all featuring a gorgeous marble motif that will never go out of style. This impeccably made, highly durable drip tip is a standard 510 wide bore, measuring a ½ inch in diameter and ⅞ inches tall.

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VaporFi Wood Drip Tip VaporFi Wood Drip Tip

2. VaporFi Wood Drip Tip:

The VaporFi Wood Drip Tip is designed for the vaper with an appreciation for the finer things in life. With an organic aesthetic that will make any vape look distinguished, this wood drip tip pairs perfectly with six of our top tanks, including the Rocket, Rebel II, Volt Hybrid, and Pro-L II. Choose between a 510 wide bore or a 510 standard depending on your preferences, then decide between rich oak or gorgeous chestnut wood.

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VaporFi Airflow Drip Tip (Wide Bore) VaporFi Airflow Drip Tip (Wide Bore)

3. VaporFi Airflow Drip Tip (Wide Bore):

If you’re looking to take control of your vapor production, the VaporFi Airflow Drip Tip (Wide Bore) is up to the task. With its dual adjustable air slots, you can easily manipulate the vapor production to suit your style. It provides smooth, enjoyable hits and is delrin-insulated to help dissipate excess heat. This standard 510 wide bore drip tip comes in six vibrant color options, each one with an attractive textured finish that sets it apart from other drip tips on the market.

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VaporFi Honeycomb Drip Tip (Wide Bore) VaporFi Honeycomb Drip Tip (Wide Bore)

4. VaporFi Honeycomb Drip Tip (Wide Bore):

Right off the bat, the VaporFi Honeycomb Drip Tip (Wide Bore) makes a serious visual impression. Its metallic finish comes in six color choices, from a sleek black or silver to bright green or ruby red. The VaporFi Honeycomb Drip Tip is designed for maximum cloud production, taking airflow to a new level with its innovative design. This standard 510 wide bore drip is also insulated, helping you avoid overheating and keeping your vape at an ideal, comfortable temperature.

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VaporFi Carbon Fiber Drip Tip (Wide Bore) VaporFi Carbon Fiber Drip Tip (Wide Bore)

5. VaporFi Carbon Fiber Drip Tip (Wide Bore):

It’s impossible to deny the awesome style and sleek aesthetics of carbon fiber, and the VaporFi Carbon Fiber Drip Tip (Wide Bore) puts this heavy-duty material to work. Not only does the carbon fiber look awesome, but it also improves the overall durability of the drip tip. The VaporFi Carbon Fiber Drip Tip is an airflow-positive, standard 510 wide bore, designed for deliciously warm throat hits and an overall excellent vape experience.

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VaporFi Rubber Drip Tips (3 Pack) VaporFi Rubber Drip Tips (3 Pack)

6. VaporFi Rubber Drip Tips (3 Pack):

This triple-pack of VaporFi Rubber Drip Tips is an excellent option for vapers shopping on a budget, costing you next to nothing but adding great functionality to your regular vape. The rubber is easy to clean and minimizes annoying clogs, while the simple design and shape make filling your liquid quick and easy. You’ll be able to pair these rubber drip tips with a wide range of tank models, so you can easily switch up your gear without losing out on your stock of rubber drip tips. Grab a few of these three-packs to stock up on a basic vape necessity for a rock-bottom price.

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VaporFi Glass Art Drip Tip (Wide Bore) VaporFi Glass Art Drip Tip (Wide Bore)

7. VaporFi Glass Art Drip Tip (Wide Bore):

Glass drip tips are particularly favored by vapers who are all about flavor quality, and the VaporFi Glass Art Drip Tip (Wide Bore) does an impressive job of allowing the pure, unadulterated taste of your favorite e-juice to shine through. With artistic swirls and intricate design, each of the four color options adds an eye-catching touch to any vape. This standard 510 wide bore drip tip is easy to keep clean and stands up to regular everyday use.

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VaporFi Tall Artistic Drip Tip VaporFi Tall Artistic Drip Tip

8. VaporFi Tall Artistic Drip Tip:

Combining the best of form and function, the VaporFi Tall Artistic Drip Tip is an ideal option for vapers who want something that performs as nicely as it looks. Choose from several stunning designs, each one featuring vibrant colors in a unique, marble-inspired swirl pattern. The wide-bore drip tip maximizes cloud production, producing pleasantly comfortable draws you’re sure to enjoy.

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VaporFi Teflon Drip Tip VaporFi Teflon Drip Tip

9. VaporFi Teflon Drip Tip:

The VaporFi Teflon Drip Tip makes the most of the useful properties of Teflon, resisting stains and gunky build-up thanks to its non-stick texture. You’ll easily be able to keep everything running perfectly, avoiding the all-too-common grime that can come with regular vaping. The VaporFi Teflon Drip Tip comes in a series of bright color options, so you can customize the look of your tank.

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VaporFi Universal Swirl Drip Tip (Plastic) VaporFi Universal Swirl Drip Tip (Plastic)

10. VaporFi Universal Swirl Drip Tip (Plastic):

Really standing out from the rest of the drip tip pack, the VaporFi Universal Swirl Drip Tip (Plastic) has a one-of-a-kind shape and fits with any 510 connection. The contoured look adds a level of comfort as well as style, while the subtle swirl design gives it an aesthetic all its own. One of the benefits of this drip tip’s plastic construction is the easy clean-up and great durability, making it a good option for casual, frequent vape sessions on the go.

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