Vaping is becoming increasingly popular as a way to enjoy the pleasant aspects of nicotine without having to worry about the negative health effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Many former smokers switch to vaping to take more control over their nicotine intake, with some people even using the customizable nicotine levels in vape juices as a way to slowly taper down their daily intake.

However, in order to manipulate your intake, you must first understand the key concepts of nicotine absorption. And even if you aren’t working to lower your nicotine intake via vaping, nicotine absorption is still a helpful topic to be familiar with. In vaping, as with many hobbies, learning all you can about it will only serve to improve your overall experience.

The team at VaporFi takes our role as a vaping industry educator very seriously, and we are always more than happy to help both beginning and advanced vapers learn new things. Here is our guide for everything you need to know about nicotine, how it is absorbed, and why it matters.

What is Nicotine?

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Nicotine is a chemical compound that can be found in a few different sources, with the most well-known source being the tobacco plant. Much like the caffeine in your morning cup of coffee, nicotine is a stimulant. It gives a little “kick” to your adrenal glands, which is what provides the pleasant energy boost that so many people enjoy.

Interestingly, the negative feelings that many people associate with nicotine are actually misdirected. When the public realized that tobacco cigarettes were harmful, nicotine was lumped in with the long list of other ingredients in a cigarette. However, although nicotine is the chemical responsible for creating a cigarette habit, it is not connected to the negative side effects of the tar, carcinogens, and other things that should be the true target of concern. Thankfully, as scientists learn more about nicotine, the public is beginning to better understand it as well.

How is Nicotine Absorbed?

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When you inhale the vapor from your vape device, the nicotine absorption process begins. The nicotine enters your bloodstream and can arrive at the brain in as little as eight to 20 seconds. After about 2 hours, the nicotine will have exited your system, broken down and processed by your liver.

Depending on a few factors, such as the amount of vapor you actually inhale, a slightly varying level of nicotine may enter your body for absorption. Additionally, you can build up a tolerance to nicotine, so your body will require higher doses to achieve the same physical effects.

Will I Absorb Nicotine Differently Depending on My Vape Device?

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The type of vape device you use will absolutely affect your level of nicotine absorption: electronic cigarette, vape pen, vaporizer – whatever you use, it will provide a slightly different nicotine dose. This is mainly due to the different amount of vapor produced by varying devices, because the more vapor you inhale, the higher your nicotine intake. Some e-cigarettes and vape-pens are specifically designed to produce mega clouds of vapor, which means you will absorb more nicotine than you would with a less efficient device. That’s not to say that you should stay away from big vapor producers (in fact, maximizing your vapor is half the fun!), it’s simply something to be aware of.

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Why Should I Care About My Nicotine Level?

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There are a few different reasons to care about your nicotine intake, with each one applying to a different category of vapers. First, vapers who are utilizing e-cigarettes as a method to stop smoking utilize the nicotine in e-juices to help them. Many are looking to taper down the amount of nicotine they ingest on a regular basis, possibly even eventually reaching an intake of zero. If you fall into this category, you will obviously need to understand nicotine levels in order to successfully use e-cigarettes are your support system for stopping smoking.

On the other end of the spectrum are vapers who have never used a tobacco cigarette, and have not exposed their systems to nicotine. For this group, there is really no reason to add nicotine to their e-juice. If you are this type of vaper, understanding nicotine can help you minimize or avoid exposure, which will in turn help prevent your body from developing a dependency on it.

How Can I Customize My Nicotine Intake?

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You can customize your nicotine intake by purchasing e-juices that have your specified level of nicotine in the formulation, measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL). At VaporFi, our excellent selection of vape juices includes a wide range of tasty flavors, and each one gives you the opportunity to tailor the amount of nicotine the flavor includes. We even offer no nicotine juices!

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Check out our premium-quality vape juices and vape devices so you can start customizing your vape experience today!

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