Vaping is a lifestyle, and if you vape, then you know vapor is more than just about quitting cigarettes. If you’re a vape enthusiast; you love and enjoy vaping for many reasons like vape clouds, eliquid flavors, different colored and styled tanks, vape technology, batteries, accessories, and more.  

Being able to customize your vape mods, tanks, e-liquid flavors and so much more is the best part of the vape experience; besides the vaping itself of course. Choosing colors to match your your clothes, car, or even your nail polish is always cool to individualize your vaping adventures.

VaporFi’s Pro II, comes in 10 awe inspiring colors like black, white, stainless steel, yellow, pink, red, purple, blue, green and orange. Providing five-star performance, the VaporFi Pro II adds unique brightness to go along with its impeccable performance to the vaping experience. Combine your Vaporfi Pro II with the Pro-L II tank and choose from the aforementioned array of colors to match or compliment your battery. Customizing your atomizer and your tank to ensure you get the perfect consistency of vape clouds all while vaping in style. Bringing an envious appreciation to electronic cigarettes as well as the vaping process in its entirety.

So what kind of vaper are you? Are you a simple, get to the point kind of vaper? Or are you a vape enthusiast who gains immense joy from creating your dream vaporizer along with your entire vaporizing chapter; from customizing your favorite eliquid flavors to selecting the perfect e-cigarette technology and color to meet your individual vaping desires. Whichever kind of vaper you are; you can confidently vape with individuality, creativity and style.

VaporFi has a ton of custom e-cig juices to make flavors you would never even think of when picturing eliquid. With almost 30,000 eliquid flavors, the possibilities are endless. You can choose up to 3 flavors to combine and create a custom flavor; double shots to enhance your favorite flavor or you can simply choose one that tingles your taste buds and completely satisfies your vaping experience.

Custom flavor ideas

Do you love the flavor of a good cocktail that can be consumed throughout the day without the threat of inebriation included? Try out VaporFi’s “Cuban Mojito” Rum + Lime + Mint or their “Cuba Libre” Cola + Rum + Lime for a smooth taste without the hangover.

Are you a cheesecake lover but don’t appreciate the calories that come along with it? Try the decadent blends of, “Blueberry Cheesecake” Cheesecake + Blueberry, “Mango Cheesecake” Mango + Cheesecake, and “Strawberry Cheesecake” Cheesecake + Strawberry for taste bud ecstasy without the calories.

For coffee fanciers, try a “Fancy Latte” Coffee + Vanilla + Hazelnut. VaporFi’s mixologists can give you the fancy flavors you desire in an eliquid, created for you to enjoy whenever your lips begin to miss the taste of your favorite fancy coffee.

Don’t want to go too outside of the box when deciding on an eliquid? Go for a flavor that has the tobacco flavor you love, only with a sweet twist. “Sweet Tobacco” Classic Tobacco + Caramel. Choose this earthy classic tobacco put together with the golden sweetness of burnt sugar. Without guilt, stick with the flavor of a traditional cigarette, minus all of the additives, and sweeten the pot by adding a sweet flavor to accentuate your tobacco crazed palette.

For the people out there who have a sweet tooth and can’t get enough of delectable dessert flavors. Create a treasure trove of sweet, toothsome concoctions like the “Gimme S’more” Graham Cracker + Marshmallow + Chocolate, “Creamsicle” Orange + Vanilla, “Decadent Dip” Chocolate + Strawberry, and “Juicy Fruit” Watermelon + Strawberry.

What about menthol fanatics? Enjoy the cooling tastes of menthol mixtures like “Cool Citrus” Orange + Menthol Ice, for the freshness of citrus with the flare of menthol to appease your menthol voracity.

If you don’t want all of the pressure that comes with creating your own eliquids, you can purchase one of VaporFi’s pre-filled cartridges. This comrade to the VaporFi Express e cigs are disposable, pre-filled cartridges, filled with VaporFi’s 100% USA manufactured eliquid. Conveniently attach the pre-filled cartridge to your VaporFi Express battery and begin vaping. Once the cartridge becomes expended, simply discard the empty cartridge and replace with a new one. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

GRAS approved and a step beyond “food grade,” these handcrafted flavors are specifically designed to be inhaled. With quality at the top of their list, VaporFi’s vast selection of eliquids contain the purest grade of nicotine and is derived from soybean from the highest quality producers, conveniently making most peanut allergies a nonexistent issue. Each custom blend consists of 1-30ml bottles and your choice between 70% PG / 30% VG or 50% PG / 50% VG blends.

Even though their starter kits come entirely systematized with everything you will need to begin vaping, you will soon discover your desire to upgrade or modify your vaporizer. Whether you’re wanting to purchase a charger, an extra battery, a tank, drip tip, or anything you should need to enhance your vaporizing endeavors; Vaporfi offers a wide selection of accessories to give you unrestrained and nearly limitless options for each part of your vaporizer to ensure you’re in complete control of your own vaping experience, from creation through consumption. Your every customizing desire is a welcoming possibility.


Choose from an impeccable selection of high quality batteries and ensure larger clouds along with a reliable vaporizer that will last long-term without having to constantly recharge.

  • Air Batteries
  • Edge Batteries
  • Express Batteries
  • MOD Batteries
  • Pro Batteries
  • Rebel Batteries
  • Rocket Batteries
  • Vice Batteries


Want to cover your bases? Purchase an extra charger for convenience. Having to drag your charger along with you to make sure you never have to be without your vape can be annoying and unfortunate if you happen to forget your charger one day. Purchase a charger for work, your car, or anywhere you spend a good amount of time and never worry about the life of your vaporizer again.

  • Air Chargers
  • Boom Chargers
  • Express Chargers
  • MOD Chargers
  • Pro Chargers
  • Pulse Chargers
  • Rebel Chargers
  • Rocket Chargers


Is your tank outdated and in need of an upgrade? Choose from an extensive selection of tanks for every kind of vape enthusiast out there. Whether your intentions are simple or advanced, Vaporfi offers tanks that meet every vaping requirement faithfully and are categorized by tank models for simplicity.

  • Boom Tanks
  • Edge Tanks
  • Express Tanks
  • Pro Tanks
  • Pulse Tanks
  • RDA/RBA Tanks
  • Rebel Tanks
  • Rocket Tanks
  • Vice Tanks
  • VOX MOD tanks

Atomizers & Cartomizers

Want to go one step further in the customization of your vape experience? Pick from VaporFi’s elegant selection of atomizers and cartomizers to obtain the perfect amount of voltage in dispersion through power, to achieve and exceed your vaping expectations.

  • Bolt RDA
  • Edge Atomizer Heads
  • Express Cartomizers
  • Pro & Platinum Atomizer Heads
  • Pulse Atomizer Heads
  • Rebel Atomizer Heads
  • Titanium & Rocket Tank Atomizer
  • Vice Atomizer Heads
  • Volt Atomizers & Coils
  • vShock Atomizer Heads
  • vSix Atomizer heads

Other Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a creative and stylish way to carry your vaporizer like with a drip tip replacement, parts and tools to repair or modify your vape, gift cards to spread the joy, or fun and fashionable attire; come let Vaporfi show you all of the incredible products they offer to change your vaping experience into a stylish one. The ability to keep a good stock of necessary vaporizer accessories is now up to you.

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