We know you like power. We know you like performance. We know you like having your mind blown. Keeping this in mind, we have created, an advanced vaporizer like none other, and we are beyond excited that it is on the verge of launching. Ladies and gents, get ready to e with the VOX 50 mod starter kit, AKA our most powerful mod yet!

This brilliant machine goes further into extremes than any other vaporizer available. It hosts a bevy of sick features, can be controlled in a variety of ways, and has the capacity of running at a maximum of 50 watts; and that my friends, is a boatload of power.

Variable voltage is one of those must-have vaping options. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but anyone who vapes and likes having control of their device will dig it. And the VOX 50 takes control to new heights, enabling you to adjust the output from 7 watts to 50 watts; which by vaping standards is a massive range. It also features an auto Ohm Resistance Meter, temperature protection, output short circuit protection, low voltage protection, input high voltage warning, and a vented battery casing; among many more incredible specs! The VOX 50 works with tanks and atomizers with resistance from 0.2 ohm (sub) - 3.0 ohm, so there are several tanks that can work their magic with this machine.

As far as looks go, the VOX 50 mod is a stainless steel stunner. A uniquely modern design, it features sharp, squared edges, an exterior OLED digital screen, and a gleaming stainless body. And, to keep it interesting, the entire unit can fit into the palm of your hand; it’s basically like a hand-held pocket rocket!

Be warned, however! The VOX 50 is not a beginner’s machine, as enticing as it seems. While beginners are free to use any devices they choose, we highly recommend learning a thing or two about vaping with advanced vaporizers before delving into the unknown with this one!

Sold in starter kits or as individual pieces, the VOX 50 is currently on pre-order, and will be shipping on 9/22. If you’re interested in getting your hands on this monumental vape pen, act fast because quantities are limited!