The Pro 3 is VaporFi’s newest version of our original Pro series vaporizers. These are pen-style vapes that are a step up from regular e-cigarettes and offer a wider range of personalized features and functions for performance.

The addition of a refillable tank and swappable atomizers puts them in the personal vaporizer category, but they are not quite in the same realm as larger box mods. The Pro 3 starter kit is an affordable device to experiment with and it’s great for newcomers to get the feel for what vaping is all about.

What to Love

The most notable part of the Pro 3 starter kit is the price tag. This is a well-rounded device that gets you off the ground without breaking the bank. It also comes from a well-known brand that builds with reliability, durability and integrity in mind.

As far as functionality goes, this device has tons of small liquid and air ports throughout the body, making the flow of vapor feel very natural. It is a relatively low wattage device compared to some others, but the goal is to achieve authenticity of flavor and a fulfilling mouth-to-lung feel, which has definitely been accomplished.

If you are looking for a good all-around device to vape throughout the day, this is the one for you.

The Design

The Pro 3 starter kit is also notable for its appearance. It is a slim and comfortable pen-style vape that is lightweight enough for easy all-day use and carrying.

It comes in eight colors including bright blues and greens as well as more traditional black and silver. You can mix and match your atomizers to create up to 64 color combinations to match your moods.

In the super slim body you will also get a 2.5 ml tank capacity, which is more than sufficient for most vapers throughout the day. In addition, the single 1,000 mAh battery provides enough life for a casual vaper with fewer recharging sessions.

All of this comes in a package that fits nicely in your hand, about the same way an e-cigarette would, with just a little extra width and length.

The Learning Curve

When it comes to entry-level vape starter kit options, our VaporFi team was extremely thoughtful in the design of the Pro 3. This vape pen starter kit is very simple to use, with only a single button needed for operation. It is really designed to let you get a taste for vaping without having to worry about all of the complex building and math that more advanced boxes have in store.

If you are wondering how to start vaping, this is a great place to begin. The Pro 3 tank is a convenient top fill choice that makes refilling easy and mess free, further solidifying the simplicity of the overall design. Plus you can purchase prebuilt atomizers in five packs for instant swapping to get you back on the go without dry hits or burnt flavors.


This VaporFi starter kit is a straightforward device that does exactly what it is programmed to do each and every time. Overall, the Pro 3 starter kit provides the right amount of vapor to achieve a great mouth-to-lung hit, but is definitely not designed for cloud chasing. It also provides a solid rendition of your favorite e-liquid flavors without going over the top or distorting the flavors with too much heat.

The personalization features are more to do with the aesthetics than the actual vaping itself. However, this is a plus for people who aren’t sure that vaping is right for them, and for people who are put off by the technological side of vaping.


The VaporFi Pro 3 starter kit is yet another way that we’re continuing to improve on our devices without neglecting the beginners to vaping. In fact, we have made great strides in functionality and ease of use that make it easier than ever before to move into vaping.

The fantastic color combinations and sleek design of the Pro 3 appeal to men and women alike. Where many manufacturers have focused mainly on industrial looking boxes and high-end electronics, we have also reached out to new vapers in an effort to bring them into the fold comfortably without forcing them to make a huge investment.